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Research Writer Interview With Emilie

My Academic and Business Success

About Me

My name is Emilie, and that is my picture down below. I currently work as an operations manager for a small tech firm in midtown Manhattan. I love my job, and I am very good at it. Some of my responsibilities include executive assistant to the owner, customer-service via phones and email, purchasing duties, HR-management, and bookkeeping. You could say I wear many hats at this company! Still, we are so small that it does not take forty hours a week to keep the business thriving. It takes closer to fifteen hours a week to properly complete all needed tasks. And so, I am looking for something that I can do to fill up my day and feel more productive.

My Interests

Aside from my career, I am very interested in health and fitness. I have been struggling with my weight since early childhood. At my heaviest I ballooned up to three-hundred pounds! I have since lost sixty pounds, and half-way to my fitness goal. I like to research various popular diet and exercise strategies which are being promoted by doctors, nutritionists, personal trainers, and even laypersons like myself. Social and political issues are also of great significance in my life. I am concerned with matters such as gender inequality, racial profiling, reforming the justice system, raising the minimum wage, and ending childhood hunger in this country - and abroad.

Academic Background

I recently graduated from Mid-American Christian University with a Bachelors in Business Administration. I completed my degree 100% online, which took extensive time-management skills and a great deal of self-discipline. I am most proud of my accomplishment, especially since I graduated with a high GPA and earned Cum Laude honors. A huge factor which contributed to my academic success was my strong research and writing skills.

Why I am an Excellent Research Writer

I am an excellent research writer because I know how to perform academic-level internet searches. There is a difference between googling how to make cheese cake and researching whether alcohol consumption while pregnant leads to health problems in the fetus. The proper way to conduct academic research is to use search aids such as Google Scholar and filter the results to make sure that the information is current and from credible sources.

Sometimes older sources can provide good background on a topic, but I try to use sources written within the past few years for the bulk of my material. The process I follow is to first read the assignment topic and criteria several times. Then I pick the angle from which I want to approach the topic by taking into consideration the knowledge I already hold on a subject. It's good to write about something you are already familiar with and use other sources simply to back up your own ideas. I never plagiarize.

I follow the tried and true method for writing which I was taught in school:

- Find and read several credible sources on your topic, especially from .edu, .org, and .gov sites.

- Decide on three or four main points to focus on.

- State your thesis.

- Summarize the opinions of the sources in my OWN ORIGINAL WORDS.

- Add a few supporting direct quotes with proper citations, include opposing views sparingly.

- Compose an original attention-grabbing introduction and brief conclusion last.

- Create the appropriate Reference page using APA, MLA, or Harvard.

Last, but not least, I LOVE to write, and I am good at it. Please consider me for the position of freelance writer.

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