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Research Writer Interview With Erica

I Can Make Money Writing

Sitting down at the kitchen table in her mother's home, Erica begins to roll her fingers through her hair and yawn. I assure her that this will only take about fifteen minutes. "Ten," she retorts as if she has some important business to get to in her dreamworld. I agree to the time limit and begin by asking her to introduce herself a bit for the HR committee at

How did you find out about Have you always sought a career in writing?

Well, to tell you the truth, I mostly hated writing in school. I always excelled at it, always got As on my papers... so maybe that's why. Perhaps I was bored out of my mind, simply aiming to appease the teacher with the same boring routine, while the students who took longer to learn formatting, grammar, and spelling, demonstrated to the teacher that we needed another lesson about commas.

Thus, I never thought I'd actually make money writing. I wanted something more exciting in my life, something I could love, such as work as a stunt double, but, you see, I just haven't met the right people yet. So, while I have been trying out different service jobs to make a dime here and there, funding travels throughout the US and Latin America, I began a blog to document my experiences and attended open mic nights every now and then with my poetry that only comes out during times of heartbreak or euphoria.

Now, as I'm thinking about going back to college (for the connections more than the knowledge), I've realized I need to do some heavy-duty money-making. Everyday I do research online, but I haven't actually written a paper in a while that compiles what I learn. Without writing, our thinking often becomes sloppy and altogether less critical. Therefore, I thought that I might as well start writing for those that may be getting some pretty interesting questions from college professors, but are too lazy to actually give a s***.

Wow, okay... So, how do you think you stand up to the competition? Clearly, there are writers who have more experience than you.

I don't see how advanced one can really get in this field. I've learned the basics over and over, and yes, there are some things I haven't learned like APA format, but the simple MLA will get me far. Plus, I have the college kid attitude going for me. I'm interested, critical, and inspired to write essays that will help me attain more knowledge. If you read through the mission statements of college websites, I'm what they seek, but they just happen to admit kids who have others write their admission essays for them.

What were your favorite subjects in school? Are you able to research some things better than others?

I was always interested in the social sciences (like most people), but I knew I couldn't make a living doing this unless I wanted to continue life in academia like my professors. Like I said, I wanted something more exciting, so within the past few years outside of school I have become immersed in artificial intelligence and cognitive science. I now have a goal to be the Aphrodite of AI. That's right – robots will learn to love.

But, getting back to the point, I can research and write about anything. I have a few friends still with access to the journal databases, and I have interest in anything from the French revolution to why dogs can't eat chocolate. All I need is someone to initiate the topic, so I'm more than happy to have bring clients to me. Even if I did have someone who needed something like APA, you can learn anything online these days, or I can just break out my old McGraw-Hill handbook. Heck, I had never even written an interview before, but I think I've done a pretty good job!

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