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Research Writer Interview With Esther

Asian Experience and Academic Achievements

What makes me an excellent research writer is my rich life experience and the high level of general and specialist knowledge I've gained through academic study of several disciplines and my longstanding practice of research, writing and translating across several fields throughout my professional career and in furthering my personal interests. My life experience has been unique and interesting. In addition to my 20 year career as a self employed Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner, I've worked in the hospitality and retail industries, traveled in four continents, lived in Japan and been shortlisted for a national manuscript award for my first novel.

My academic achievements include qualifications in acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine, as well as a Bachelor of Arts with a major each in studies in religion and Japanese language. Apart from a foundation in Traditional Chinese Medicine theory, the acupuncture studies and practice gave me a sound literacy in health sciences, including biochemistry, anatomy, physiology, nutrition and clinical medicine. My skills in research and writing were consolidated through studies for my Bachelor degree, and the major in religious studies gave me a thorough introduction to the fields of psychology, sociology, history and philosophy. Although my Japanese language skills are not of a high enough standard to undertake research and translation in my second language, I developed a degree of fluency and an appreciation of the intricacies of Japanese thought and culture.

As an acupuncturist, I lived and trained in Japan for over four years. Working in private clinics, I was immersed in the Japanese way of life, first in Tokyo and then in rural Ehime prefecture. Returning to Australia, I was self employed for fifteen years in private practice treating patients from all walks of life. In that time I completed some translation projects from Japanese and Classical Chinese into English on the practice of Chinese Medicine. Working in the hospitality industry and then in my own clinic has made me an experienced communicator with good interpersonal skills. My current special interest is activism, and I've spent several years researching, blogging and campaigning about a controversial Australian alternative 'healing' organization. In the near future, I hope to write a narrative non fiction account of my activism experience.

My career and interests have led me to in depth research of many different subjects across numerous mediums. I've always been an avid reader and consumer of news and current affairs with a broad range of interests. At University and throughout my Chinese Medicine career I studied academic texts and journals as part of my continuing professional development. Research for my activism includes primary source material in print and online, as well as news and expert academic analysis. Because the organization is engaged in various forms of misconduct and litigation, it's also led me to research areas of law, professional ethics and professional codes of conduct, and to seek out and communicate with regulatory authorities, political representatives and news outlets. I've learned how to publish on numerous online platforms and am an experienced Wikipedia editor.

I'm an excellent research writer because I love learning, I love writing and I enjoy meeting and working with people. I've worked at both research and writing solidly for many years. Self-motivation comes naturally to me and I'm an autonomous worker and accomplished communicator. I'm an adaptable thinker and versatile writer, having undertaken a wide variety of projects from academic essays and translations, to parliamentary and legal submissions, blogs, and creative writing, including a complete novel.

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