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Research Writer Interview With Eve

A Top History, Art, and Literature Researcher

Why do you research, edit, and write academic papers?

I was a college student once as well and I know how overwhelming assignments can be. Each professor piles on a ton of work at peak times of the semester without any consideration to the rest of the student's course load. By hiring Custom Papers, it allows a student to ease that load in order to concentrate on one or two specific assignments.

What are your qualifications as an independent academic writer and researcher?

I graduated from college with a Bachelor's degree in English and during that time I produced a large number of research papers, each with a high letter grade that allowed me to maintain a 3.4 GPA. Following college, I edited and produced articles for a variety of companies on a multitude of subjects. Currently, I work from home full time writing academic papers.

What are your favorite subjects to write on?

Although I have the ability to write on a wide range of topics, there are certain subjects that do appeal to me more than others. I have a strong interest in art and literature since these were the disciplines that I studied most in college. My library is extensive and I feel that I am able to easily analyze the themes within a novel. When writing a literature paper, I provide a clear and concise thesis that offers a unique perspective. Art is another passion of mine and I particularly enjoy writing art history pieces. I am a frequent visitor to many major art museums and I have a wide range of knowledge regarding artistic movements and trends.

How do you provide papers that fit the student's requirements?

There is typically a standard type of paper that a grader wishes to receive. The paper should have a clear thesis with supporting evidence to back it up. An academic paper should be researched with the use of primary and secondary sources while also incorporating your own perspective. Graders do not want a mere summary of the information, they can find that anywhere. Therefore, the papers that I write not only have a strong thesis, but also provide supporting details to lend strength to the argument.

What are frequent writing errors that students make?

Grammatical errors are often the reason that many students will have points taken off of their final paper grade. Subject and verb agreement is a common problem that I see when editing a student's paper. A basic rule that a writer needs to remember is that a singular noun has a singular verb and a plural subject a plural noun. For example, an incorrect sentence:

My sister and her friend works in the city.

The correct way:

My sister and her friend work in the city

Problems with homonyms are another common error, since a spell checker will not pick up on these words. Some commonly misused words include: its, it's, than, then, accept, except, affect, effect, your, and you're. It is important to read each sentence of your work carefully in order to guarantee that you avoid these writing errors.

Why do you choose to write for Custom Papers?

There are many research paper writing service websites available on the Internet, but none are as reputable as Custom Papers. They provide completely original works, unlike other sites that often charge you an outlandish fee for a paper that has been used hundreds of times. The site has a strict plagiarism policy that ensures the originality of your paper. Another great feature is that they do not offer standard pricing on academic papers. Many sites will quote you the same price per page regardless of the subject. Custom Papers takes into consideration the deadline, the academic level of the paper, as well the availability of the writers to take the project.

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