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Research Writer Interview With Joanne

Detailed Research and Personal Studies Are Important

How long have you been writing example academic papers?

Although I have only been writing thesis, term papers and academic assignments for for about a year, prior to joining the team I had been completing my own study requirements, which took me five years of extensive study. I also have freelancing accounts with a few other companies that provide model research help for students.

What made you join the team at

When I initially heard about the service that CustomPapers offered to students, I was impressed with the positive feedback that they were receiving from satisfied students/clients, and the level of professionalism they seemed to employ in all facets of providing a quality service to their customers. Students I was studying with had used the service seeking assistance with their essays, book reviews, and other term projects, and seemed impressed with the personal writing service they received from the company and their freelance writers, along with the professional standard of the papers they produced. When I completed my study, I approached Tamara at to see if they had any independent contract positions available for writers.

I know you have spent years studying yourself, but how do you find the resources you need to write on such a diverse range of topics?

I think that one positive aspect that has come out of my own personal studies is learning how to research a paper in a focused and detailed manner. I use a variety of books and journal sources for most papers that I write, and the key to being able to do this in a timely manner is being able to find the key points of information from this research, that will provide the most concise and accurate paper possible for the client. Before I start writing an academic or term paper, book review or thesis assignment I read over quite a bit of material from books and journals before drawing up a paper outline, that will provide the structure for the paper I am writing.

Do you use websites and Internet sources for information for your papers?

As a general rule, no. But that said, there are times when Internet sites can be useful, and there are also occasions when the client will specify research from certain sites to be included in his/her paper. Credible news sites often have article archives on a variety of topics that can be useful research tools. Newspaper sites can be used for the same reason. Internet libraries are excellent sources of credible journal articles, but you have to be careful to check where the article you are referring to was originally published. I think that point generally applies to all use of websites for research purposes. It is vitally important to know the site you are referring to has been compiled from a credible source, specifically one that can be verified. It is also important when citing a web page as a reference for a paper, to make sure the date the page was accessed is noted, as some news sites (for example) do change the content on their pages on a regular basis.

How do you cope with 'vague' paper requirements?

The great thing about working with the Custom Paper Team is that as soon as I have been assigned as an academic research writer, I am given the customer's email address and which allows me to communicate with the customer directly. This is a great help in so many ways. Quite often when a customer places an order they may not have been given all of the paper requirements from their tutors, and the fact that they can email me with any changes or comments, means I am kept up to date on the project instantly. It is also a way of allowing me to communicate with them if I want a point clarified, or expanded upon.

What type of topics do you write about and do you have any favorites?

I consider myself fortunate in that I enjoy reading about a range of topics and this makes it easier to custom write about a wide range of different topics. If I had to choose favorites then it would probably be theosophical and philosophical themes, although I enjoy completing research papers in Psychology, History, Literature, social work, education and business/management topics. We do receive a wide range of topic requests from our customers and I, for one, enjoy the sheer diversity and freedom in the work that I do.

Thank you for taking the time to speak with us, Joanne.

It has been a pleasure, thank you.

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