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Research Writer Interview With Joseph

Not Shying Away from Information and Research

I am a father of four, two girls and two boys; and I love the challenge of parenting and the moments it has granted me with my children. I would not trade them for anything in the world. Being a father has helped me appreciate so many salient things that can only be seen through the eyes of a child. Helping me realise that being a role model for others is one of the most satisfying achievements one can ever have.

I love sports, specifically basketball and swimming. When opportunity allows, I take the family out for a swim. We also enjoy outdoor camping, of which the best experience was out in the wild surrounded by wild creatures. It was an experience to behold. Travel is another of my many interests. When I am unable to make physical journeys, I compensate with documentaries about various places and cultures. These help prepare me for the real deal as well as pick out possible venture places.

I am a teacher by profession with a BA degree. I joined the profession out of passion, the desire to help others reach their full potential, and to disseminate learning to others. I am an advocate of “teach/show them the way and they shall manage on their own.” I do not agree with creating dependants, but developing free minds that can explore the world well beyond our learning experiences. Yes, much as some teachers do not acknowledge it, you learn as you teach.

I am a perpetual learner myself. Put in my brother’s words, “I am a professional student” because I hardly miss an opportunity that offers me learning. It is for that reason I find academic writing well suited to slake my insatiable thirst for learning, and search for knowledge. With each moment of writing is a completely new bunch of learning. It does not matter whether it is repeating the same task. There is always a new experience. The research we carry out guarantees that.

I would count myself an excellent researcher for the simple reason I do not shy away from information. I actually have to tame my voracious reading to avoid it eating into the time for the actual compilation. I look out to appreciate the varied way others appreciate the same information. When I read, I seek to understand, as opposed to memorising details. It thus helps me easily express myself based on the new learning. I am able to re-write information, and credibly paraphrasing it, having retained the learning from the information. I can then easily use it when opportunity calls for it.

Patience is another angle, I am able to sift through volumes of writing and later defend my position. It gets even better when I am dealing with subjects of interest. There are times I find I have more details than I have space to incorporate it. This is so because I do not see writing as a chore, but an expression of myself. It comes off as a bonus when I am paid for being me, and doing what I really love to do.

It no longer surprises those near me to see me occasionally go through the night carrying out extensive research. When you love it, it is a world of difference. It is even more exhilarating putting those things garnered into your own words. It is the ultimate expression of how well you have appreciated what you have been reading. I know; I get many looks when I go on like that. We are all different, for me writing does really tickle my happy bone.

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