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Research Writer Interview With Julian

Mass Communication and Psychology Research Writer and Cat Lady :)

Hello, my name is Juls. Short for Julian, often mistaken for Julie and happily mispronounced as Julien while in France.

Which brings me to location. I currently reside in France. France! Feel free to conjure up images of smoking men in berets, snapping their fingers at poetry readings while hot crepés sizzle in the background, and white faced mimes create perfect “O`s” with their brilliantly red mouths at the foot of the Eiffel tower.

Approximately, four hours from the vibrance and exoticism of Paris, the City of Love, out in the middle of the Auvergne region, an area most famed for being the least populated region in all of Europe, in the tiny community of Bézenet, population 200 people, 3000 cows, there resides: me.

A self-professed, crazy cat lady who loves to travel. Indeed, that may have just made me sound like a one-woman, traveling Moscow cat circus, but I assure you, dear reader; I try my best not to be.

My hobbies include rescuing perfectly healthy cats who are nevertheless, put down for euthanasia in the local veterinarian clinic (run by my husband) by irresponsible pet owners.

When budget allows, I find myself traveling aimlessly around the world. Born in the island of Borneo (now part of East Malaysia and has been for almost 50 years), I grew up in Spokane, Washington, after moving there the next year. Not wanting to be an American high school statistic, I left for Christchurch, New Zealand to complete what they call “college” and university. Boredom settled in after holding out for a good eleven years, and I found myself dancing professionally in Vancouver, Canada, not long after that. In the last few years, I have allowed myself to be whisked away, most unromantically to rural France. These days, I live here while traveling back and forth to the British Ballet Organization, London, England, where I have just completed a licentiate and diploma to teach dance in schools and where I shall also be undertaking my Masters degree next year.

Moving on to a few words regarding my academic background, I am an excellent research writer. I know this because I have had to write what seems to be hundreds of essays, assignments, research papers, articles and reports throughout working towards my double degree while in university, which I managed to get through with Honours. My B.Sc psychology degree required the workings of formal hypotheses, discussions and results while my B.A degree in mass communications had me churning out dozens of journalistic style literature reviews and essays on a weekly basis. Needless to say, plagiarism was taken seriously and references, mandatory. During that time, I managed to find the odd weekend to complete a diploma in music teaching with the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music which again required much written work and a thesis at the end of it.

In terms of work experience in writing? I have tutored high school students and undergraduates for years and can proof read like a champion as well as give effective and relevant feedback on essays with both eyes closed (no, not really. One eyed closed however, would be a breeze). Lately, I find myself hired out to frantic diploma students in my dance course who desperately need help to finish their mini research theses as the academic year comes to a close.

I suppose, not much more can be said to answer this essay component of the application, so please do have a quick look through my writing samples attached and it would be my pleasure to join your establishment as I have heard many good things about it. Thank you for your time.

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