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Research Writer Interview With Kevin

Twisting Up Solutions To Academic Problems

Students use our model papers to improve their own writing, and to help them achieve their goal, which is graduation. Can you write model papers according to specific instructions with perfect grammar and documentation of references?

Yes, when they are paying for their classes, students cannot afford to fail. More than ever before, education is a business. Students pay a price for the necessary knowledge to pursue their goals in life, and that price is constantly increasing. They struggle through all kinds of adversity, especially students who must work while they attend college, and I can help whenever an assignment becomes a problem. Professional research writers, good ones, know how to twist up solutions to academic problems. I can write model papers that are both interesting and technically sound. I know that. I'm like a business consultant for scholars!

The client who uses our service becomes the sole owner of any paper you write for him or her. How do you feel about selling the rights to your work?

This just as valid as hiring any other professional for specialized work. Scholars deserve the highest quality portrayal of themselves and their ideas, regardless of their skill levels for grammar and composition. It's only fair. Political and business leaders hire writers because they understand clear, powerful expression to be a valuable resource. Their areas of expertise may have little to do with writing, but writing necessarily has its place in their professional lives. Goal-oriented students, like so many world leaders, can hire writers to help them actualize their goals. It may be what makes the difference between excellence and mediocrity in their chosen fields.

Yes, that is especially relevant to students for whom English is a second language. Many of our clients are extremely intelligent, working toward their degrees in settings where they must use English even though they are not yet completely fluent. Can you help them to get around this language barrier?

It will be a privilege. I don't know how they do it. I can speak enough Spanish to get around in Mexico, but I wouldn't stand a chance trying to go through college speaking Spanish-or kindergarten, for that matter. I have tons of respect for international students, and I'll feel privileged to work with them. Also, I know a few secrets about writing that I'll share with interested students, tricks for every situation.

Writing tricks? How about some advice for our clients who want to improve the quality of their own writing? What would you tell them?

Posture affects thinking. That is the most important advice. Posture affects respiration, respiration affects emotions, and emotions affect state of mind. The thoughts you have as you try to complete an assignment-where do you think they come from? They come from your reservoir of knowledge, drawn from a depth determined by the depth of your current state of mind. When you sit down to write something, keep attentive to posture. Imagining hanging by a cord attached to the top of your head (toward the back, in line with the tips of your ears) so that correct posture is carefully maintained. The chin is tucked in, the back muscles relax, and respiration is easy-all because you have set up a little bit of mindfulness with your posture. Not to do so causes you to defeat your own effort.

People know this, but they don't remember to practice. It can become a habit to practice, though. To practice is easier than not to practice.

How would it benefit a student to work with you, specifically, rather than a writer from a different on-line service?

I can't speculate about the abilities of other writers compared to my own, but I can say that clients will have my full attention. This is not a part time job for me. A client who asks for Kevin will get a strong paper from a grateful, enthusiastic writer who loves his job and wants to make people happy.

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