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Research Writer Interview With Leo

Passionate About Mastering Of The Law

Hi Leo, Thanks for taking the time to speak with us.

It's really no problem, I'm more than happy to chat with you.

If you could, tell us a little about your academic background?

Of course. I'm a postgraduate researcher from the UK with a background predominantly in law. I graduated with an LLB (Bachelor of Laws) in 2006 and have recently completed my LLM (Master of Laws) in International Criminal Justice, Armed Conflict and Human Rights from a leading UK university.

That's a mouthful! Aside from law, what other areas of academic research are you interested in?

Ha ha, it is indeed: "Master of the Law of War" has a good ring to it, don't you think?

Regarding my research interests, that's a really tough question! I'm interested in so many things that it would be difficult to formulate a closed list. As my credentials demonstrate, I am most comfortable (and capable) when tackling legal research issues, questions and problems. However, it's important to stress that law is such a diverse academic field that it really isn't a distinct discipline anymore. As well the technical principles that most people associate with it, the law actually represents a broader language through which we can describe our relationships with each other and with the rest of the world; a social bond that connects us all. Through it, we are able to discuss issues of enormous contemporary relevance, ranging from terrorism and criminal justice to the legitimacy of going to war in the Middle East; from contractual disputes to capital punishment debates. It has something for everyone!

Moreover, international law is definitively inter-disciplinary, insofar as it is a product of (to name a few): politics, international relations, globalization, philosophy, social policy, criminology and, of course, history. So, whilst I'm well versed in English common law and some specialist areas of public international law, they each involve all of the above and more. The same research skills and methods are applicable across the board when it comes to their research, writing and analysis.

So you are happy tackling topics that are unfamiliar to you?

Absolutely. The key to a good paper is not how much you already know but how good or efficient you are at finding out. That's probably the most valuable aspect of my university education - it has taught me how to think.

Why do you write?

George Orwell once remarked that all writers are at the mercy of four motives: 1) Sheer egoism; 2) Aesthetic enthusiasm; 3) Historical impulse; and 4) Political purpose. One finds it difficult to disagree with him on these!

Writing is my craft and passion. I enjoy researching new topics and forming an argument based on an array of sources - from journals to textbooks, newspapers to novels. Building on the information that already exists and communicating a new perspective on a particular issue is extremely rewarding for me and, I believe, the raison d'etre of academia.

Why write for Custom Papers?

Having a freelance writing account with Custom Papers enables me to continue studying and writing, two skills I have cultivated at university and wish to maintain and develop. The written word is one of the most effective mediums to communicate information and impart ideas and opinions, so the prospect of teaching through custom papers is one of the most appealing dimensions to the company's work.

I am also a proficient researcher with a strong literary voice. Whether it is comparative analysis, logical interpretation, historical enquiry, factual summary, or simply descriptive prose, university has equipped me with qualities that will be of great utility in various fields.

Have you ever used a custom research service such as CustomPapers before, as part of your own studies?

I haven't, although that's not to say that I never would. I have colleagues and friends - themselves supremely competent and qualified - who have used such services and recommend it wholeheartedly.

So you feel that use of the service is ethical?

If used responsibility, I absolutely do. I know how difficult it can be to juggle everything at school, college or university. Those that don't seek help may struggle to get by and this can be utterly devastating to their hopes and dreams. It is okay to need help and it's not a weakness to seek it. That CustomPapers exists is testament to this.

I've had undergraduate students ask me time and again why they are required to take modules that they do not enjoy and will not need when it comes to their chosen career. It's very difficult for me to provide them with an answer that I myself believe. "That's life" is perhaps the only truth in this regard.

A custom answer to an essay is really no different to opening a Q&A book in a library and finding the exact answer to the question set. Of course, the difference here is that finding the exact answer in a generic textbook is extremely unlikely. Thus, I believe custom papers perform a unique and useful educative function. If used responsibly by students they can offer an excellent addition to traditional teaching/education sources.

I like to think that I am teaching students through my writing, rather than doing the work on their behalf. Professionally written pieces can demonstrate the type and amount of research required by a student when writing a paper. They also provide great examples of clear and articulate writing, as well as demonstrating how to structure a really good essay. These are sometimes crucial study skills that have been missed at school or college, for whatever reason. The range of applications of a custom-written essay is therefore much wider than many assume, and so can prove invaluable. Responsible application is the key.

Thanks for speaking with us Leo!

As always, it was my pleasure.

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