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Research Writer Interview With Marie

Friendly and Reliable Certified English Teacher

While I have had the opportunity to ask others who they "really are," it's been rare that I've been given the chance to write about myself. Who am I, and why would I make an exceptional writer for

What is my background? I am a certified high school English teacher. Presently I teach high school in a small, rural school in upstate New York State, and I expect my job to continue in the fall. I have tenure and having been teaching successfully for 24 years. I am well-respected, my students do very well on academic testing, and I don't have any problems with my supervisor. For the most part, I enjoy my job. So why am I interested in writing for Custom Papers? I am looking for a job change. I need a flexible job that will allow me to earn some money while taking care of my family. I have a son with autism, who needs help with a variety of tasks. He needs attention after school and on the weekends. I also have a mother who is ill. She also needs help with activities of daily living. In addition, I have two "normal" teenagers who still need parenting, and my husband is often traveling. I would love to work part-time, with flexibility, so that I can take care of the needs of my family.

For several years, I worked as a journalist for a small local newspaper, working part-time writing feature articles. In addition, I am the advisor of the high school newspaper where I teach. I enjoy writing, and I'm skilled at it. I know the importance of a deadline, and I've been on both sides of the deadline--the one having to meet one, and the one enforcing the deadline. I understand that meeting a deadline is critical to academic success.

In addition to writing, my interests include reading. I have a huge stack of novels waiting for me to plow through. I would like to say that I am interested in working out at our local gym, but I can only be compelled to do so if I am able to bring a book with me. (Yes, you can read while on the treadmill. I have done so many times.) I also enjoy cooking, and, sadly, eating. (Hence my compulsion to go to the gym.) Lastly, I enjoy cross-country skiing, hiking, and playing games on-line. I especially enjoy chess and have made some international friends while playing the game.

One of the reasons I would make an excellent writer for is my friendliness and reliability. I have excellent communication skills and I believe I will be able to figure out what a customer needs. It's true that there are some people who are never happy, but I work very hard to produce a product that everyone can be proud of. I respect deadlines and will gladly rewrite to make a paper perfect.

Lastly, I have the technology necessary for this job, including reliable technology such as a relatively new computer , high speed Internet service,and access to online databases. I have Microsoft Office Suite, as well as the ability to communicate almost immediately via Internet or iPhone. Most importantly of all, I have the ability to follow directions. Sadly, this skill seems to be lacking in our world, although the ability to follow directions is one of the most important skills in the workplace. In a job in which face-to-face communication is impossible, the ability to follow concise written directions becomes even more crucial to success.

I believe that you will find that in time, I will prove myself to be a reliable, friendly, skillful writer for Custom Papers.

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