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Research Writer Interview With Martha

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Hello Martha, thanks for taking time out to talk with us about working at Custom Papers.

My pleasure. Thanks for the meeting.

So, Martha. What makes you qualified to do custom academic writing, editing and research?

I have been involved in academic writing most of my life. I graduated Summa Cum Laude from the University of Arizona with a B.A. in Sociology, went on to graduate with Distinction from the London School of Economics with a Master's in Human Rights and have since completed a certificate course in Journalism and am finishing a degree in Landscape Architecture.

That's a lot of experience. Why did you decide to come to write for Custom Papers instead of something else?

Writing is my passion. I do all kinds of writing, from journalism to fiction and I make it a habit to write every day. While Custom Papers certainly isn't the only writing I do, I enjoy academic work immensely. It challenges me in new ways and gives me the opportunity to learn about new subjects while keeping my academic writing skills sharp.

And you don't find writing college papers to be an ethical dilemma?

Not at all. I've spent many, many years in higher education. I understand that, above all else, you get out of it what you put in. At the same time, we all go through periods where we need extra help to keep us going. Whether it's a steep learning curve or a difficult situation at home, we've all been there: where we could use some assistance to keep us going while we get ourselves together. Having someone model good writing for you, or fill in some of the research hours that you can't afford isn't an ethical dilemma to me. It's life.

What types of writing assignments do you do?

All kinds! My areas of 'expertise,' if you will, are the social sciences. Sociology, Psychology, Anthropology, Human Rights, International Relations, Critical Theory. and so on. I pride myself on being a critical thinker and a good writer. And I won't bid on a job unless I'm certain that I have the resources available to make it a great paper. I never made less than 95% in all of my years of higher education. I hold myself to a high standard of quality writing and editing.

What's been the key to your success in academia?

Hard work. Seriously. But specifically, about writing, I would say that a strong thesis statement with a consistent and well-researched body of argument, together with the precise use of language makes an excellent piece of work. That's my written guarantee.

What level are you comfortable writing at?

Any level. I've written a Master's Thesis, complete with literature review, and helped friends write, edit and revise PhD theses. Like I said, I won't take a job that I don't know I'm qualified for. I would never offer to write someone's doctoral thesis on quantum physics. But within the subjects that I'm experienced in, I'm quite confident in my own ability to produce quality work.

What kind of turnaround can you guarantee on your work for clients with demanding deadlines?

Like I keep reiterating, I'm only going to take on the work that I know I can finish, and can finish well. Accordingly, I won't take on a job that I know I can't finish in time. I won't advertise here as being a quick-turnaround writer. I write as fast as I can, but I'm most interested in producing a well-researched, well-written piece of work. That takes time. I know myself well enough to know how to estimate my own timeframes, and I can promise to finish whatever assignments I take on well within the deadline given by the student requesting the work.

Well, Martha, thanks for speaking with us today. It's been a pleasure. Good luck!

Thanks to you too. I look forward to getting to work!

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