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Research Writer Interview With Mercedes

Fascinated with Culture and Writing

My name is Mercedes, and I am originally from a small hamlet in New York, called Livingston manor, which is located in the Catskill Mountains. I lived in Livingston Manor until the age of 12. In 2001, My family and I moved to a town called Fairview Heights, Illinois, which is about 15 minutes across the river from Saint Louis, Missouri. Then in 2008, I moved to Humble, Texas at the age of 19, which is where I now reside. Humble is about 30 minutes from downtown Houston. I really enjoy living in the Houston, Texas area, and plan on making this my permanent home. There are so many fun cultural things to do in Houston. I am currently engaged to my fiance, Richard. We will be getting married on November 11th of this year. I also have a beautiful 5-year old daughter named Adriana, who is a big part of my life. She has definitely helped me to grow and learn as a person. Parenting is something that really opens your mind and changes the way that you perceive things.

From a young age, my passion has always been writing. I have always wanted to touch people with beautiful pieces of work. On my free time, one of the things that I enjoy doing is researching topics that I am passionate about. I have a thirst for knowledge, and I am always trying to find new things to learn about. My favorite non-fiction books are on the topics of health and spirituality. I also enjoy non-fiction books from various authors in the romance and supernatural genres. One of my goals for the future is to make a career out of writing and have the ability to travel the world. I love different cultures and find them fascinating. Television is rarely watched in our home, with books being my favorite activity in my spare time.

I also enjoy writing, reading, gardening, cooking, yoga, meditating, and listening to music. My favorite genres of music are Indie, Alternative Rock, and Easy Listening. My favorite musician would have to be Jack Johnson. I love how soothing and comforting his music is, and the beautiful melodies that he plays. I also enjoy John Mayor, James Morrison, Circa Survive, as well as City and Colour. On our outings, I like to visit art museums, eccentric coffee shops, and international restaurants. I love any type of recreational activity that will enrich and enlighten my mind. I also enjoy outdoor activities such as biking, hiking, fishing. I love the outdoors since it gives you a chance to experience peace in this stressful modern world that we live in. I try to make each and every one of my worldly experiences as enriching and exciting as possible.

I am an excellent research writer because I love academic writing. If I ever pursue a career in writing, it would be as a research writer on the topic of alternative healthcare. I think that the best people who are suited for a career in research writing are those who have a love for both research and writing. If one dislikes either writing or research, it may not be a good career fit for them. It is important to enjoy both of those aspects of the jobs, since the work can be tedious. Therefore, it is a task that usually much more enjoyable for people who are passionate about it. Research writing is fascinating because each and every topic helps you to learn new things. You end up with a whole encyclopedia of knowledge that you have gained through all of your writings.

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