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Research Writer Interview With Nagen

I Teach And Conduct Research

What is the principal incentive for you to take up the profession of writing custom research papers and dissertation projects?

I do agree that finance is one of the chief motivations, which inspired me to begin writing custom research papers for college and university students. However, I should also elucidate at the same time that another vital motivation is the delight of writing. I simply take pleasure from writing books and articles. Beginning from childhood days, I have been a great lover of books. I have evinced intense interest in academic work. Since I enjoy doing research work, I decided that writing custom research paper is tailor made job for me. I consider this as original work. Of course, it is not possible for everyone to write custom research papers and projects. One needs to own certain credentials to become a successful academic editor.

What do you mean by custom research?

Custom research means to put certain questions and try to find answers to these questions. The approach of one researcher might be different from another. Research involves statement and restatement of facts and examination of these facts. Research is not simple repetition of ideas and facts mentioned in the sources. It is a creative work and enjoyable experience. One needs to really enjoy his or her work. Then life will be extremely rejoicing and rejuvenating.

What do you think is the most important relation between your profession and present job of writing custom research papers?

There is a very close connection between my profession and present job of writing custom essays or research papers. My profession is to teach and conduct quality research. After teaching more than a decade and doing research for almost same number of years, I feel that I have understood the various aspects of teaching and research. By writing custom research papers or book reports, I can still improve my knowledge regarding various subjects of study. This will assist me to improve my knowledge, which I can use in my teaching and research. There is reciprocated relation between my profession and writing custom research paper. By writing essays, research papers, and dissertations, I sincerely try to help the students who need guidance regarding academic writing. Custom research papers act as guide to the students. The students can utilize the product of custom research paper written by writers. All of us borrow from our society. I believe that it is our responsibility to reciprocate by serving our society. I feel that by helping students, I try to fulfill my obligation towards society.

Could you mention some problems faced by you while writing custom research papers?

I do agree that initially I faced certain problems while writing custom research papers. However, in the course of writing, I learnt that one should closely study the guidelines given by the client. However, I am appreciative of my clients who have been kind to me and most of them have cherished quality of my work.

What are the important traits of an academic writer?

An academic writer, first, needs to be an academic person. He should look at twists and turns in his personal life with a pinch of salt. One needs to possess the capability to face any challenge in his life. Academic writing is a challenging experience. One needs to possess the ability to handle diverse aspects of academic work like reading and writing. Practically speaking, one can state that one should possess good writing or typing speed. One needs to know where the resources are available. In this computer age, academic writer is expected to be familiar with modern technology. However, the most important teacher of an research writer is experience. An academic writer learns everyday and every time he writes a research paper.

Thank you very much Nagen for sparing your time to answer our queries.

You are most welcome. I would like to thank you for giving me an opportunity to work with custom research group. I hope I will be a great asset to your web writing team.

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