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Research Writer Interview With Rae

I Prefer to Do Research Work for Respected Companies

Give us a little background information about yourself and how you got into writing.

I have always loved writing. My writing endeavors began when I was a little kid and my mom would bring me blank hardcover books. I’d fill those books from cover to cover with imaginative stories and illustrations. As I got older, I enjoyed writing short stories. Eventually my love for writing went into essays in high school, and then I majored in English (and minored in psychology) in college. One of my greatest accomplishments was graduating college with Summa Cum Laude honors. Professionally, I have been working in the writing field for the last six years. I have done web content writing, copywriting, academic writing, and copyediting. I have works published on websites such as and

What do you like to do when you’re not writing?

I work part-time as an educator for a learning enrichment company in Chicago, so I travel to different schools in the CPS and work with kids of all ages. I am also taking part-time classes to get my Master’s degree in Education (luckily they are online). For pleasure, I enjoy spending time with friends and doing anything crafty. I love to paint but my latest project is making very unique picture frames, pictures to come!

Why do you want to work for Custom Papers?

I worked for Custom Papers a long time ago and I always respected the company. At that time, I was swamped with my undergraduate work and was unable to put as much time into the job as I would have liked to. Now that I have graduated and grown up quite a bit, I know that I have the skill, will, and perseverance to excel in this position. Not to mention, I have written about a million essays on thousands of different topics, so I have a pretty good grasp on the art of writing essays.

What do you think are your strongest areas of expertise?

I have a background in humanities as I did major in English. I had the opportunity to take a number of composition classes, creative writing classes, literature classes, language pedagogy classes, writing for the media classes, and so on. I minored in psychology so I am also knowledgeable in the social sciences. Additional subjects that I have written many essays on include philosophy, history, sociology, politics, and current events. I am confident that I can write about most topics, even if it is not necessarily my “area of expertise.”

What are your weakest areas?

I have no business with physics or physical science. I have written about biology and chemistry topics but I wouldn’t say they are strong subjects for me.

Do you have any academic writing tips?

Whenever I am working with students on composition, I always tell them to write the body of their essays and then go back and do the introduction. Since they often complain that they get writer’s block while writing in the introduction, I think it’s best to write the paper first because then you know exactly what you’re introducing. In addition, sometimes it’s best to keep writing short and sweet.

Can you guarantee an “A” on my essay?

I cannot guarantee an A because you may not submit my example essays for an academic credit. Besides, that will ultimately be at the discretion of your teacher. However, I can guarantee that I will always put forth my best efforts to make sure that you get the best model essay possible. As a teacher myself, I know what teachers look for in essays and I also understand the importance of education. You can be confident in that if you’re my customer, I will take your education very seriously and you will receive the best model essay to fit your needs.

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