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Research Writer Interview With Reese

I Have Always Maintained High Academic Performance

Where are you currently at in life? How has your academic experience helped guide you here?

Right now I am almost 30 years old. I have a wonderful husband who has just returned from a year long deployment with the United States Army. When he came home on leave, we were able to get pregnant with our second child and seven weeks ago, I gave birth to our daughter. While it might seem hectic to juggle life with a husband who works long hours, a four year old son who is constantly on the go and a newborn, I find this to be the most invigorating time in my life. I am so optimistic about my life and our future together. A couple of weeks ago, I decided to get back into writing. I wrote freelance and took time off after I got pregnant to focus more exclusively on the pregnancy. I have had experiences writing for academic research companies and hope to expand my employment opportunities.

In high school, from 1997-2001, I always loved doing projects. I was quiet and shy and didn't speak up in class much. Not only did written papers give me the opportunity to perform research, which I excelled at and enjoyed, it allowed me to improve my grades, which might have otherwise suffered due to my lack of class participation. As I went on to college at Binghamton University, I maintained this type of performance. While I may not have been the most aggressive student when it came to class debates, I prided myself on writing successful and thought provoking term and research papers. My hard work was rewarded with multiple semesters aboard the Dean's List. While I have been out of school for years now, I still remain committed to my skills regarding research and writing.

What subjects interest you the most and why?

I love the humanities. I love literature and criminology and article analysis. My favorite work is that wherein I can take a concept or idea and truly expand upon it in a way that, hopefully, makes other people think. My commitment truly lies in the progression of thought and knowledge.

How do you have the time to write with your busy family life? How are you able to commit to deadlines?

While my husband works long hours, he is completely supportive. When he comes home, he takes over watching the kids and I am allowed time to finish any work I haven't been able to get to during the day. For the most part, I have been using this time to seek out more work because I have been able to excel at finishing my current assignments not just on time, but hours ahead of schedule.

My four year old son attends school in the mornings. While he is in school, I accept assignments and begin research. I take periods of time, usually about thirty minutes at a time, to feed my daughter. Otherwise, she sits in her swing or bouncy chair, situated next to my desk, where I can tell her about what I'm working on that day. She doesn't seem to understand, but she enjoys listening to my voice and I enjoy having her close to me.

When my son comes home from school, I spend time with him and we talk about his day. I have a laptop to work outside and sit in the yard with him while he plays on the swingset or rides his scooter. Again, my daughter is next to me, shielded from the son in her visored car seat. It allows me to be productive while spending time with my family and enjoying the springtime that has finally arrived in upstate New York. All in all, it's a pretty idyllic situation. Still, I feel like I can do more and produce more work, which is why I am sending in this application.

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