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Research Writer Interview With Roan

School Paper Writing Sharpens My Research Skills

Hello Roan. When did you start academic writing?

Well, like every other student, I started at school and found myself helping my classmates and housemates and advised them on how to write perfect essays. Then I joined University as a Tutor and supervisor, and taught social sciences to undergraduate students. This is when I started marking several hundred essays and academic papers and saw some good and bad writing by students. This enhanced my understanding of the essay writing process. Later, I joined an online tutoring agency and started providing advise and help on essay writing.

What do you enjoy most about the work?

The fact that it enhances my own knowledge in many subjects. Essay writing clarifies my understanding of certain topics, and there is a sudden realisation, the ‘a-ha moment’ when I learn or identify something new. Knowledge is very exciting and when I take up a new assignment, it’s the whole process of knowing even further that excites me so often. Essay writing is challenging but extremely interesting and enhance knowledge on a wide variety of issues. It also sharpens my writing skills and makes me a better writer. The fact that I can help students and other clients is an added bonus.

What do you do other than writing?

Well I write for magazines and journals but academic writing gives more satisfaction because of the complexity involved. Of course, since this is a job that demands high intellectual abilities, this is also more satisfactory from an intellectual point of view. I also do consulting and speech writing, and have been involved in independent media production. I do enjoy and seek some flexibility at work.

What are the subjects you are most comfortable with?

I deal with a range of subjects and topics and I also have relevant degrees in Arts and Sciences, in Management, Social Science, and also in Journalism. Thus my expertise as also my interests are diverse. I have many University degrees and diplomas and I tend to seek interconnections between different topics and subject areas. I mostly write on management, social sciences, health, education, business, marketing, ethics, media, communications, philosophy, culture and the arts.

What are your strengths and weaknesses?

I am a good writer and after my morning coffee I become a very energetic writer, so I can write fast and efficiently. I am also very patient and appreciate friendly communication. I am extremely open minded, and support creativity and diligence in people, so always ready to help people who have the spirit to try their best, are eager to learn and aim to excel in whatever they do. I also have more than 5 years experience as a writer and these years have added to my experience and expertise.

What friendly advice do you have for your clients to help them become better writers?

My advice - write at least one page every day before going to bed. Write anything, just put your thoughts on to paper and read this up the next morning to correct, modify, rewrite. This will help you to develop a habit of writing, so any essay or paper writing would seem like a cool fresh breeze rather than an impending storm. Developing the habit of writing is also intricately related to developing the habit of reading so if you love reading, writing would come naturally and easily. Academic writing is challenging but finally the challenge itself becomes an adventure and a source of pleasure.

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