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Research Writer Interview With Travis

Writing About A Lot Of Different Subjects

How long have you been working as an academic contract writer?

I've been working with Custom Papers since early in 2012. But I started writing a child as many writers do. I moved on to working on my high school newspaper as a teenager and continued writing articles in college. Since then, I've written for several newspapers, magazines, and Web publications. I've been doing this a long time--more than twenty years. So you're dealing with someone with considerable experience in the field.

What subjects are you an expert in?

My educational background is in philosophy and Western classics. As I've mentioned, I have considerable experience as a journalist. So my main areas of expertise would be philosophy, classics, literature, English, journalism, communications and media. I also speak Spanish, and know a little German, French, and ancient Greek. In addition, I studied a lot of psychology, history, religion, theology, economics, and political science in college. I also stay on top of current events.

I read voraciously--I always have. It started out with trashy science fiction as a kid, but I've branched out in my old age. What I'm reading right now: William Buck's version of the Ramayana and a collection of Octavio Paz's poetry. I just finished three books by Henry Corbin on Iranian Sufism. Other books in the past month: The World's Religions by Huston Smith, Panama by Thomas McGuane, and James Joyce Ulysses (yes, I actually read that for fun). I literally have an entire library stuffed inside my skull; that library also includes a lot of film and music. I'm a huge film and popular music buff, and I would also well-qualified to do research in either of those areas.

Why do you work for Custom Papers?

Because I love it. This job allows me a tremendous amount of independence and freedom that is impossible to achieve if you work as a staff writer for any publication. For Custom Papers, I can work on what I want when I want, and organize my workday accordingly. Also, I like writing academic papers, and I love researching in the library. I've helped students from all over the world across a wide range of subjects, and I genuinely enjoyed helping them with their writing projects.

What was your favorite assignment so far?

A term paper on Nietzche's Also Sprach Zarathustra. That was a favorite of mine from college, so it was great to be have an excuse to go back and read that again. Working on the paper was a lot of fun for me, whereas it probably would not have been for the customer or even for some of the other writers, especially since there was a somewhat tight deadline on that paper. That was fine with me.

What kind of research facilities do you have access to?

I live between a world-class university library and an excellent public library system. What I can't find in the library (and it's rare that I can't find what I need), I always manage to find on the internet or in any of the several wonderful local book stores. If I don't have access the required sources, I won't bid on the job. But, as I said, that rarely happens.

What do you think makes you a valuable team member at Custom Papers?

I think the combination of a classics-oriented academic background and a journalism-based professional life provide me with the ideal tools to succeed as a custom paper writer. I have a broad field of knowledge that I am continually expanding on my free time, and I also know how to research and write quickly and accurately. So I can write about a lot of different subjects in a thorough and persuasive manner.

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