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Not Only Fiction Writing

I will not profess to be the most talented or experienced writer of my generation: so many of my peers have already attempted to claim this prestigious title that to challenge it would be ludicrous. I believe myself to be of a high standard with a firm, fluent grasp of the English language, and to exaggerate my skills would be to profess a gross over-confidence, something I feel has become an unfortunate side effect amongst many who pursue a career within the realms of academia, resulting in a difficulty for prospective ‘employers’ to match my abilities successfully with potential clients. After all, the needs of the customer are absolutely paramount due to the sensitive and significant nature of any and all work to be carried out, and so it is of the utmost importance to assure that smart matches are made for maximum effect.

Until fairly recently it had been my main ambition to become a teacher not too long after donning the cap and gown and this was in fact the main reason I attended three years of university and risked landing myself in thousands of pounds worth of debt. I have always enjoyed experiencing the ‘light bulb’ moment when successfully explaining difficult concepts to peers, family members and young people alike since my grammar school days. The process of learning itself and the importance of education are two things that I cherish and that enjoyment is something I genuinely wanted to impress upon the next generation of youngsters. I studied English and Psychology combined honours in order to maximise my prospects when leaving university in the event of being unable to gain acceptance onto a teacher training course, but also because I have so many varied interests and ways of reasoning that it was difficult to pick a singular subject that I would have been happy with for a prolonged period of time, and potentially for the rest of my life if I was unable to carry out any post-graduate study to further my career and increase my knowledge base.

Although I may not be the most skilled writer to ever grace your books I cannot deny that I will be one of the most passionate, hardest working, quickest learning and adapting, and ultimately one of the most grateful for any experience I can gain in a field that has fascinated me since I was young. Despite the fact that my first love was – and always will be, perhaps – fiction writing, and though my style and ability has changed since my more creative days, my love of words and the intense pleasure I get from creating grammatically, stylistically, and factually correct pieces of work has never faltered. If truth be told I enjoyed essay writing at university the most out of anything I took part in, including the social life (!), and it has always pleased me to mark and edit the work of others which I have gained a little experience of during my working career, at university, and for friends, family members, and work colleagues having trouble with professional writing. I am looking into becoming certified by the Society for Editors and Proofreaders in the UK and undertaking some online distance learning courses in this area but for now I would love the opportunity to get my career off to a brilliant start by putting my skills to good use for the needs of others.

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