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  • Gigi - Essay Writer - Gigi has a Master's Degree in Technical Communications. He has always been driven by urgent deadlines. He specializes in writing papers on various topics, including human resources, computer science, communications, and arts. He also has vast experience in writing blog posts, editorial papers, corporate notes, and press releases.

  • Doreen - Essay Writer - Doreen has earned her BA and MA degrees in Political Science in Canada. She has also worked as a manager at the Toronto University. Not only she has vast experience in education; she has written dozens of graduate-level papers and a few dissertations. She deeply cares about students to improve their academic writing and research skills.

  • Yolanda - Essay Writer - Yolanda is an excellent student and educator with tremendous learning abilities. Taking pride of her work, she always delivers top-quality papers in the subjects of education, media, and sciences of all kind. She is confident all students she has a chance to work with will be satisfied the final results.

  • Lavender - Essay Writer - Lavender is a great professional with a Ph.D. degree in Mathematical Behavior Sciences and Philosophy. She's been very successful in securing academic grants and funding due to excellent writing and other research achievements. She holds to the highest standards of learning and teaching, which has always been appreciated by other students and her customers.

  • Stephnie - Essay Writer - Pressure should be her middle name! As an Army wife, mother of 2, psychology student and freelance writer, Stephnie has become an expert at working under pressure to turn out the best possible results. Tight writing deadlines and unique perspectives are her specialty.

  • Oscar - Essay Writer - Oscar is an UK-based expert writer, a former IBM employee, who is qualified in several domains, including Engineering, Business Management, and Computer Science. He has obtained a graduate MBA Degree from a prestigious academic institution and continues achieving exceptionally good results with example academic research work requested by his clients.

  • Blaine - Essay Writer - Blaine has a graduate (honors) degree from a famous Canadian University; she's proud of being capable of writing on various research topics, from business and finance to psychology. Her ultimate goal is to always produce high-quality work (regardless of its deadline). Thanks to her ever-expanding expertise and professional attitude, students love working with Blaine!

  • Mitch - Essay Writer - Mitch calls himself "Jack of All Trades." He fell in love in reading and research at a very early age and his father (who also has an excellent memory) was his hero. Mitch works as an English teacher, he likes playng the piano, and in the recent years he has become a quick and excellent research writer who is able to produce the highest-quality model papers based on student's instructions.

  • Briella - Essay Writer - Briella has held numerous jobs and professional roles, from a Marketing Coordinator to a Teaching Assistant, but she believes that writing is the most rewarding activity for her. Several years ago, she decided to adjust her lifestyle to become a full-time freelance academic writer and since then she's been lucky to cooperate on numerous research papers and graduate dissertation projects.

  • Reo - Essay Writer - Reo is a hard-working post-graduate student from Japan who plans earning his PhD degree in Economics in one of the UK universities. His daily research activities include data analysis using STATA, SPS, EViews, Micro, and other analytical software. Despite young age, his professional career involved working as a research assistant for a government institution in Asia.

  • Otto - Essay Writer - Otto's past vacancies included a university assistant, ski instructor, and a book shop retailer. He is passionate about History (Master's Degree) and has a clear, open-minded, and analytical skills; maybe that's why researching all academic topics comes easy to him.

  • Anka - Essay Writer - Anka has been a self-employed academic freelance writer since 2000. She has studied Islamic and International law, human rights, philosophy, world politics, world religions, international development studies, Islamic culture and environmental studies. She believes that education and enthusiasm are the core qualities that keep writing strong.

  • Maya - Essay Writer - Maya is a great editor. She should be, since she teaches English grammar and composition both in classrooms and privately. Maya is also a massage therapist!

  • Irma - Essay Writer - Irma has obtain a graduate degree in Healthcare Management and during her years of studies she has been expected to write on a number of topics and explain the findings to others. This experience has helped her to become an excellent tutor and freelance writer who is always willing and able to help other students make it through college or university.

  • Angaza - Essay Writer - Angaza is a writer and biomedical research scientist with a background in biochemistry and the neurosciences. He also has a background in the financial markets and has been a stock broker and a futures broker who specialized in trading options. He is ready to tackle the most difficult projects.

  • Dominic - Essay Writer - Dominic has graduated from college at the age of... 40 and earned a degree in General Psychology. He's been working as a a student counselor and a Human Services employee. He enjoys academic research because it allows him to discover new intellectual worlds of science and other learning areas. Welcome aboard! :)

  • Wilma - Essay Writer - Wilma is a lifelong learner who has devoted several years to finishing her undergraduate and graduate learning programs. Researching and meeting deadlines comes easy to her, despite having to take care of her Autistic son. We love working with Wilma who enjoys working remotely and - together with students - gaining new knowledge every day!

  • Victor - Essay Writer - 2004 began Victor's career as an academic writer. Trying to become a novelist, Victor no says that working in the short form of academic essays has really helped him focus and improve his novel writing. If you are interested in Paradise Lost, Dickens or the Civil War, let Victor know!

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