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Research Writer Interview With Anka

Reader Should Want To Read Your Research

Hi Anka, thanks for making time for this interview.

Not a problem, it is important for clients to know my interest in academic writing.

You are new to Custom Papers, but I understand you have been a full time academic writer, researcher and tutor for nearly 5 years?

Yes, I started writing research after completing my second degree and have continued a successful body of clients in the UK, Canada and the USA. I have a diverse range of topics and specialize in UK, USA, Canadian, Indian, Islamic and International Law, Human Rights, Philosophy, World Politics, World Religions, International Development Studies, Islamic Culture and Environmental Studies. Also I write both research papers and dissertations at Undergraduate and Postgraduate levels. I work with my own clients as well.

What makes you qualified to undertake research to produce 1st class research papers and dissertations?

There are two points to this question, which are education and enthusiasm. My education has taken place on both sides of the Atlantic, where I have achieved three degrees. I have a BA (Hons) in Political Science from Dalhousie University in NS Canada; a LLB (Hons) from Manchester Metropolitan University, UK; and a LLM (Research) degree from Manchester Metropolitan University, UK; however my research was undertaken not only in the UK, but Canada, the USA, Australia and India. I am now preparing my proposal for a PhD in International Immigration and Humanitarian Law, with a focus on Islamic Regimes. Therefore with a high-class education that has spanned 12 years I am embarking on my biggest challenge, but with the enthusiasm and passion for researching and writing high class academic work.

What drives you to help others achieve and understand the levels necessary components to produce a high quality piece of research?

As already mentioned I have been in university education for 12 years and understand that not every student has been properly prepared to undertake the research and writing elements of a degree. Therefore I believe that the service that I provide in preparing model answers and pointing them in the right research direction is invaluable, as it teaches a necessary tool for successfully completing an academic degree. However, more importantly I love to research, so to use this special skill to help others is one of the most fulfilling careers that I could have.

What do you believe makes an excellent piece of academic research?

The necessary components of an excellent piece of academic research are; a well structured thesis; a balanced and fair argument; and finally creativity. Creativity and the ability to write an informative, yet interesting piece of research is a key factor. The reason for this is that like a novel, academic research has to make the reader want to read it and without a creative element it will be boring and the reader will be less apt to fully comprehend the thesis and well balanced argument. Therefore every piece I write has this element of must read not just have to read.

What do you think makes you different from other academic writers and an asset to Custom Papers?

The key element that makes me different is my versatility, I have experience of the academic world in both the UK and in North America; therefore when a Canadian asks for a piece I can do this piece to the appropriate academic writing and research standards for the country, as with the UK and the USA. The other factor is that I class myself as a professional academic; therefore I love to research and create first class academic works.

Thanks for your time, Anka.

Your welcome and I look forward to producing first class research.

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