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Research Writer Interview With Briella

Writing Independently from Home

Briella (that's a nice name!), please tell me a bit about yourself.

During my life, I have held multiple jobs and social roles, but there is one theme that emerges from the convoluted story of my life: I am a writer, first and foremost. My last career prior to freelance writing, in academia, initially appeared as though it would be one that would be successful. However, the academic job market being in its current moribund state, it soon became clear that a mainstream career in scholarship would never materialize for me. Thus, in October, I chose to pursue a career as a freelance academic writer. At first, this career choice was a major lifestyle adjustment. Besides the usual problems that one associates with working independently from home, I also had to become willing to voluntarily broaden my academic comfort zone; if I chose to confine myself to History, English, or other Humanities papers, I would not earn a living! However, herein lies one of the greatest sources of fulfillment that I have discovered within this industry: I can learn and write about topics as disparate as Marketing, Nursing and Criminal Justice Administration without first having to seek the approval of an academic advisor.

Please describe your interests and academic background.

At present, I am currently in the stage of revising my PhD dissertation for submission to Vanderbilt University. My dissertation deals with the religious, social, and cultural history of the Atlantic World (specifically Angola, Brazil, and Cuba). However, my academic and research interests extend far beyond the realms of History, Religious Studies, and Latin American studies. For instance, while working in the academic writing industry for the last two years, I have cultivated an "uncredited" expertise in Psychology through providing writing assistance for a personal client for the last year with her PhD work in Behavioral Psychology. Additionally, I have cultivated a professional niche in Business Administration and related subjects; I often volunteer for MBA work, typically in the subfields of Organizational Management, Marketing, and Human Resources Management. In my role as a freelance writer, I do my utmost to select projects that are not only feasible, but also of genuine interest to me as a writer and a researcher. There are few tasks more unpleasant than trudging through a client project that is simply uninteresting from an intellectual standpoint.

Please tell me why you are an excellent research writer.

In the time that I have worked in the academic research industry, it has become clear that I am well suited for this field for several reasons. First, I have extensive formal training as a research scholar, which I obtained while pursuing a PhD in Atlantic World History at Vanderbilt University. During my graduate career, I won several prestigious grants and research fellowships, among them the Social Science Research Council International Dissertation Research Fellowship, an Almeida Family Fellowship at Brown University, and an Andrew W. Mellon Foundation Fellowship at the Huntington Library. In addition to my extensive research experience, I also taught at the university level for several years, as a Teaching Assistant at Vanderbilt University and as a Lecturer of History at the University of Tennessee-Knoxville. On a more practical level, I am highly detail-oriented, creative, and thrive under the pressure of meeting stringent deadlines. During the relatively brief time during which I have pursued a career in freelance academic writing, I have also developed a keen sense for the individual needs of each client. I believe that I will be a strong writer for an organization such as Custom Papers, and that I can make a positive contribution.

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