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Research Writer Interview With Dominic

From College Travel to Graduate Degree

In this special edition, I interview my own self so that readers might begin to gain an understanding into the life and world of Dominic aka Essay Writer. The setting for our interview is an apartment located high above a small harbor in Coos Bay, Oregon. While readers may think it may be an ideal setting for commiserating about the self, the space has actually seen much better days and is now more fit for the wrecking ball. Dominic, or Dom, seems a bit pensive as we begin our wayward journey exploring the basics.

Who is Dominic the Essay Writer?

You'd think I'd actually know after all of these years. Seriously, I was born and raised in Northern California and at about 28 years of age decided it might be best to move out of the state. After travelling from one place to another over the course of the next five years I settled in the Denver metropolitan area, living there for over 20 years.

What did you do there?

The same as before: I floundered. It seems that I've always been sort of a loner type who didn't necessarily get along well with others. I mainly stayed to myself and pursued my interests, which were playing guitar, camping, fishing and reading epic fantasies, esoterica and historical fiction.

Had you already gone to college?

No, I didn't enter college as an undergrad until I was 33; even then I didn't graduate for another seven years. I entered with intentions of becoming a substance abuse counselor, but I was turned off by the many recovery acolytes also in the program so I switched over to nonprofit management. I also spent some time taking classes in creative writing which I mainly enjoyed. I really liked the creative freedom. After deciding to return to Human Services, which I now sort-of regret, I also found that I had a passion for conducting research.

Why research?

I don't really know. Is there actually some way in which to convey how much of an adventure and how exciting researching can actually be? Maybe it's like fantasy novels; maybe research can take you to places you've never imagined could actually exist. Or, maybe it's the most effective way of helping me to understand how little it is that I know; sort of an ego check.

You went to grad school?

Yeah. Shortly after entering the bottom fell out of my life. I won't go into details but will say, when looking back, it's somewhat amazing that I graduated. I intended on earning a degree in General Psychology and to study bipolar disorder, but changed my focus to suicide.

Suicide Studies?

Go figure. I had my reasons, and when I began my studies I quickly discovered how intriguing and mysterious suicide actually is; even by academic or research standards.

What about after you graduated?

I never worked in human services again. I made the move to continue studying suicide as a doctoral student but discovered that no programs existed. This was all happening after the economy went into a tailspin, so I took what was available at the time and began freelancing as an academic writer; been doing it ever since.

What makes you a great research writer?

It's a combination of the things we've discussed. I enjoy researching because it opens new worlds for me to explore. While I'll admit that academic writing can lose its sheen from time-to-time, I feel that, for me, it remains a process I can always improve on.

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