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Research Writer Interview With Doreen

Going Beyond the Aspects of Writing and Revising Papers

Hello! I am a former graduate student seeking an academic freelance opportunity. I am 27 years old and live in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. I believe that I would be a good addition to your writing team, and here's why.

About My Academic Background

I earned my dual BA at the University of Ottawa for Political Science and European Studies in 2013, and completed my MA in Political Science in 2015. I am a native English speaker, but I also fluent in Russian, and have reading proficiency in French and German. I've worked as a teaching assistant, an academic coordinator at the University of Ottawa (Association for Political Science and European Studies), and as manager/director at the University of Toronto for Project Global Officers. As you can tell, I have a fair bit of experience in education and around academia itself, so I am very familiar with the expectations required of students and potential clients. I have years of experience in producing high-level academic writing, including a dissertation (which was very well received and required minimal revisions), a process that involves a lot of careful researching, writing, and editing.

Writing is not only my innate talent but also my expertise and my hobby, so I am enthusiastic about assisting others on creative forms as well. I spent three years working in a bookstore, where I became familiarized with all forms of written work and expanded my scope of reading material. My other hobbies and interests revolve mostly around anthropology, history, literature, music and philosophy. I am what people have described as being a rather encyclopedic individual.

Why I Excel in Academic Research

As an academic myself, I have a thorough understanding of how research writing should be. As a natural perfectionist with a strong attention to details, I have spent innumerable hours acquiring the skills needed to convey information in the most clear and succinct manner. Therefore, I have also developed an extensive knowledge of what academic peers and publishers are expecting in terms of quality written work and this includes a mastery of various citation styles. In addition, I know how to identify credible sources and implement them within the context of an essay's argument. I also know how to contribute to a wider scholarly discussion and answer that all-important question: Why does my essay's argument matter? I consider every essay with the possibility that it may be published and evaluated by my peers.

However, my candidacy doesn't solely repose on my skills, but also on the fact that I care about helping students improve their ability to succeed at writing academically. Through various internet platforms such as this one, resources for students and writers (for example,, agencies, and the university, I have helped a substantial number of students with their papers. I am especially known for leaving constructive feedback and comments on how to improve the critical and argumentative value of their work, besides merely the written aspect of their papers.

Additionally, I am an excellent research writer because I value communication with the client. Communication is crucial for: taking the time to understand a client's wants (the brief for the project) and needs (those aspects of the job that they may not specify, but which are nonetheless valuable). Moreover, it is invaluable for making sure that a client is happy with the work that they receive; discussing larger issues in texts (Is the text well structured? Is the terminological foundation appropriate?), specific concerns (back-and-forth exchanges regarding specific issues; working with a client to ensure that every change is appropriate), and any other questions that they might have.

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