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Research Writer Interview With Maya

Listening To The Student Is Important

Hello Maya! Why did you decide to become a professional freelance essay writer working for Custom

The simple answer is that writing has always come easily to me, and custom academic writing in particular involves skills and challenges that I enjoy engaging and utilizing. In fact, though, I discovered academic writing in a roundabout way. I spent many years proofreading and editing essays as well as research papers for students. I started doing this right after receiving my honors BA in English in 1991. To my surprise, I found that even students working toward a Masters or a PHD would sometimes need help with their writing. Often they had a clear idea of what they wanted to express, but got tangled up in the language. Then there were other students who did not have a clear idea of what they should include in their essays. I was glad to be able to help them, and the process of helping them was actually very educational for me, because I learned about the academic standards and requirements for different fields and different levels of study. When I started hearing about companies that offer custom academic writing services for undergraduate and graduate students, I was intrigued right away. I knew it would be a perfect fit for me.

What other (besides custom essay writing) personal or professional interests do you have?

I have several other personal and professional interests, and almost all of them involve language and custom writing. I teach part-time at a language school for international students. I teach English grammar and essay writing, and I was actually hired on the basis of my knowledge of grammar - I aced the school's grammar test. I continue to work with students privately, as well. I also write fiction, creative non-fiction, and poetry, some of which I have been lucky enough to get published. Finally - and this is the one thing that has nothing at all to do with custom writing - I will soon be a qualified massage therapist.

What do you think are the most important qualities of an academic writer?

Well, let me first of all state that I think any professional writer needs to have two essential qualities: an innate ability to use the language skillfully, and a willingness to listen to the client, and give him or her exactly what is required and specified. I think the second quality is more important, but the first - natural ability - certainly makes it easier for the academic writer. For academic writers, listening to the client becomes even more important. Rather than merely looking for articles to publish, the academic client is really looking for help with his or her education. It's important to listen and follow instructions to the letter. It's also important that the academic research writer be familiar with academic writing standards. The writer should have a deeply ingrained knowledge of college and university standards and essay structure. He should know these backwards and forwards and in his sleep.

How do you successfully write custom papers on subjects you have never studied?

Okay, I know this may sound strange, but in the last couple of years I have very rarely encountered a topic I haven't 'studied'! Of course, that doesn't mean I have formally studied them, though I did take a wide range of arts and social sciences courses while doing my undergraduate degree. More importantly, however, I've spent twelve years working closely with students on a very wide variety of topics, and I have become familiar with what is required in terms of content, format, style, and documentation. For example, in the past year I have become very familiar with American Psychology Association (APA) standards, through working closely with a student who was finishing a degree in art therapy. I helped her with her graduating paper, including case studies. I've also written several business reports over the past few years. The first one was slow and painstaking, but now I write them with confidence. I'm glad to have learned a new format and style. So, even if an essay or research paper topic is unfamiliar to me, I can always place it within the context of what I have learned. I know how to approach the research and the writing; I know what is required.

Is there any type of writing assignment you will not accept?

In theory, yes, but in practice, not really. If I ever encountered an assignment that I knew required background knowledge of a field that I knew nothing about, I would turn it down. So far, this hasn't happened. The things I know nothing about are mathematics, physics and chemistry, especially mathematics, but I have never been asked to write an essay about any of these topics.

Do you think that using an academic writing service truly helps students? Doesn't it just encourage them to be lazy?

Being a student is incredibly challenging these days. I think it is harder and more competitive than when I was in school. In working directly with students, I have met a few lazy ones, but most of them are anything but lazy. They just need some help. In seeking out academic writing services, many students are literally looking for a model - they want to learn how to write a top-notch essay. Astoundingly, I have found that many students are never taught how to write a proper essay or term paper in high school, and once in college or university, they are expected to know how to do it. Yet knowing how to custom write a term paper or essay is not 'natural' - it's a very specific form that has to be learned. Using an academic writing service can actually be very instructive for these students. Another factor is the large number of international students that are studying in North America. Most of them have excellent study habits and extensive knowledge about their subject, but writing in English is naturally harder for them. I think that they are justified in using an academic custom essay and dissertation writing service, and it doesn't mean that they are lazy.

What do you like best about academic writing?

That's easy. The thing that I like best is how much I'm able to learn while working on my own schedule. Although my formal education ended quite a while ago, I'm really an academic at heart, and I love learning about all the different subjects that students and clients present me with. I can't believe how lucky I am, really; I get paid for learning, I get to work at home, and I know that I'm helping students with their learning, not only with research writing!

Thank you for taking the time to talk to us! :)

You are welcome. Thanks for letting me be a member of The Writing Team!

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