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Research Writer Interview With Mitch

Mitch - An English Teacher and [Jack of All Trades]

I fell in love with reading at an early age. My mom would enter me in grade school reading competitions and I would devour hundreds of books over the summer months, finding distinct satisfaction in filling out my summer reading list and watching it grow. The reading bug bit hard, stayed with me into my adult life, and eventually evolved into equally enthusiastic writing practices. By the time I went to college, reading and writing were well-ingrained in my academic DNA and I knew I wanted my professional life to revolve around reading, writing, and anything else which combined the two. I enrolled at Ball State to pursue a degree in English Language Arts Education. When I graduated college, I had earned degrees in literature, composition, and obtained a minor in Spanish. I eventually went back to school ten years later and secured a license to teach English in the state of Indiana.

My father, who is also an avid reader, was always amazed by my memory. I have always had the talent for reading something quickly and being able to precisely recall what I read. My memorization skills paid off in dividends, since I could read something once and retain the information for exams. My memory also came in handy for helping college friends complete term papers and served me well for speech and debate tournaments. I was an honor roll student in high school, a Dean's List student during my last two years of college, and maintained a 4.0 during my teaching practicum. In truth, my Achilles heel has always been not getting too spread out, but this evident weakness ended up being a great advantage as a research writer.

At the age of 21, I taught myself to play piano. When I was 26, I entered the world of competitive speed roller blading. In my early thirties, I earned a black belt in kickboxing and a blue belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. I have also been a ring announcer, a play-by-play commentator for Comcast, published articles in Grappling Magazine, been an Editor-in-Chief for a newspaper publication, and served as a freelance writer for various websites. Ultimately, there are very few topics in the world I do not find fascinating, and I have a consistent willingness to learn new things. Combining my ability to read and remember information with curiosity has allowed me become an excellent research writer.

What makes me an excellent research writer is the talent for quickly understanding a set of instructions for any given assignment, finding the necessary peer reviewed resources to support my argument, and being able to blend brief yet poignant quoted and paraphrased citations into an original piece of writing. Although I thoroughly understand the mechanics of academic writing, I excel at presenting a specific point of view and supporting it with professional opinions garnered from periodicals, articles, books, and other academic resources. Over the last few years, I have become efficient and proficient at dissecting any subject, developing a specific argument, and irrefutably supporting the argument. I have written play reviews for productions across the country, created business plans for selling software products, produced dozens of book reviews, and written more papers about nursing topics than I can count. I have even written a journal based description of an actual live EMT service event which happened in Australia. If I do not have the answer, I can find it, write about it, cite my sources, create the necessary bibliography or reference sheet, and do it all per the assigned academic style guidelines and based on customer instructions.

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