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Advanced Research - from Asia to Europe

About Me.

I am a post graduate in Economics from a reputed university in Japan. My Masters was a research based degree and I completed a dissertation as a requirement for the completion of the degree. During my bachelors, I have provided my services as a summer research assistant, administrative officer, lecturer and a research analyst. I am extremely hard working and honest person. I am a meticulous research with excellent communication and leadership skills and I want to provide me services to Custom papers immediately.

Details on My Interests and Academic Background.

I did bachelors in Economics from Tokyo College for Advanced Students that is one of the biggest universities in Asia. After my bachelors, I did Masters (MPhil) from Government College University in the same subject. My Masters dissertation was a rich panel data analysis of Asia region analyzing the relation of education and violent crime. That paper received extensive appreciation from my supervisor and the faculty and has already been submitted for publication and is under review at the moment.

I spend most of my time studying and doing academic research. I always try to stay updated about world economy, finance, entertainment and current affairs. I am a very committed person and never sacrifice on that and even work on weekends or late night if required. Apart from the research and work, my main hobbies are to watch movies and do some sports to get relaxed. I also like to eat out and go to cinema to watch movies.

Why Am I a Good Research Writer?

I have a long term relation with meticulous research and business analyses and I have been using sensitive software e.g. STATA, SPSS, EViews and Micro fit for the analysis. Since I was in high school, I developed intense interest in research. I was recommended by my teacher due to my research skills and was hired as a summer research assistant at a very sensitive research department at a semi government institution (JCCI) in Japan. As a summer research assistant, I got indulged in several managerial and research activities including critical evaluation of policies.

After the summer job, I did not let go of my interest in research and initiated several researches and projects on my own that are mentioned in my resume. During Masters, I worked on my paper which was a sensitive panel data analysis conducted using STATA 11 and EViews 8. That paper received extensive appreciation from my supervisor and the faculty and has already been submitted for publication and is under review at the moment. I have also performed my duties as an administrative officer and a lecturer at a private college in Japan that enhanced my administrative, managerial, time management and teaching skills. Right now, I am working for a private research institution in Japan media as a research analyst and responsible for handling extensive research projects.

I never fear hard work and always look for opportunities to challenge my abilities. My plan is to do PhD from an European (UK) University and thrive in my career not only for the sake of fame or six digit salary, but for my passion for knowledge, research skills, innovation, creativity and human dignity. My biggest plus point is that I am extremely honest with what I do; whether its study, work or anything else. That's why I believe I can be a good addition to the team of Custom Papers LLC.

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