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Research Writer Interview With Stephnie

I Like The Research Pressure

Why did you get into academic writing?

I have been writing academic research papers since high school, which was, well, a while ago. Even then, I was showing my work to my friends when they were searching for that elusive “A.” However, my first exposure to professionally written research papers was as a customer. I had a paper that was due my first semester of college and I was completely unfamiliar with the subject matter and the required format, so I purchased a model paper to gain a quick understanding of both at the same time. It wasn’t until a number of years later, when I had classmates start asking for my papers again that I decided to see if I could find work doing the same thing.

What has kept you doing this?

I like the challenge and the variety. Every job is different and challenging in a new way. I could never handle a traditional job doing the same thing every day!

Do you have any favorite subjects or topics to write about, or any that you don’t like?

Personally, I like anything that I can take a stand or form an opinion about. Philosophy, psychology, sociology, history, anthropology and even science intrigue me, and I tend to write excellent papers on literature, too. I like writing about almost anything, except business, math and computers. I use technology and like earning money, but I’m completely uninterested in how these things actually work.

But isn't it unethical to write these papers when you don’t know how they will be used?

I don’t think so. Over the years, I have written a little bit of everything, from model papers for students and sample papers for instructors to power point presentations for military commanders and doctors. Life is busy, and it’s not just students that feel the pressure to communicate with impeccable writing. A doctor or lawyer may be brilliant, but if they present their ideas with typos and poor grammar, they won’t be taken seriously; and if they spend all of their time worrying about word choices and spelling, they may never share their brilliance with the world.

What do you have to offer that writers at other companies don't?

Well, what I don’t have is some fancy degree in English, Journalism or Research. However, I do have a lot of experience. I am familiar with APA, MLA, Harvard, Chicago and Turabian formatting. I spent 8 years writing ad copy for my dad’s business clients, so I have developed a way with words that tends to result in a writing style that reads very naturally and flows well, leaving an impression on the reader without them really knowing why.

How quickly can you get a paper done for a deadline?

Well, I read and type really fast, and after 6 years dealing with the Army, I have learned to work under some of the most difficult deadlines I have ever seen. Under ideal conditions, I can usually get 10-15 pages finished in a day, but I charge a premium for those jobs because I need to find a baby-sitter. At my normal rates, I like to figure 1 page per day or 10 pages per week for larger projects.

Is there anything else that potential clients should know about you?

Just that I put my heart and soul into every project that I work on, and I only work on one project at a time, so their project will be my only project and will receive my full attention and focus. I will treat it just like I would treat one of my own projects, and every one is my best possible work. I will work with a client until they are happy, making as many corrections as they need.

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