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Research Writer Interview With Wilma

Researching and Tight Deadlines Are Easy

I am 39 years old with an Autistic son. I have been married for three years to my new husband. I love research and writing. I am a lifelong learner. I was taught the ways of critical thinking and writing in undergraduate school. This helped launch me into my Masters program in professional writing. I find that all topics, except deep science and math, are easy to write. Humanities are my favorite, however, with my technical skills I can produce white papers, blogs, posts, grant proposals and SEO content.

My personal articles have been published on various sites online. I am happy that others find interest in the educational writings that I offer. My skills in academic paper editing and copywriting also will help me with the work in accademics for those students that need help developing a fine project with clarity and grammatical correctness.

Academic writing comes naturally to me after 7 years of mastering it. I can easily be on-call for projects and am available at anytime. Working remotely is a perfect match for my life. I can work and still take care of my son and continue in my degree program. I'm looking to settle down into a career. This could be that career.

Researching is easy. Fact-checking, citations, summaries and paraphrases are second nature. I would never want to be plagiarized. I would not use another's works without proper credit. I thrive on tight deadlines especially immediate ones. Papers due in hours would be no problem, as I can get back home quickly as a remote worker.

On the personal side, I am a huge geek. I love all things to do with knowledge, including my vast library. I enjoy communicating with others online and through chat. I enjoy tutoring on how to utilize the different style guides for papers. Right now, I am a volunteer grant writer for the Clinton County Animal Control in Carlyle, IL. Helping others through my writing is what I strive for. The position at Custom Papers would allow me to enhance this experience. I am also teaching my son the ways to format papers properly and about plagiarism. English grammar, syntax and stylization are vital elements of a paper and I am thrilled to pass those on to my child.

I work on varied hours remotely. I get up early and go to bed late. Sleep just interrupts my progress. I wish I could turn that need off. You can write nearly anywhere doing anything except sleeping. I would make sure to meet deadlines accordingly.

If you do not recognize my name, I have worked for you before. At that time, I did not have the proper diagnosis or medications to help with my disability. Finally, after 16 years, I have both. I feel like a completely new person. I offer my services to you one last time because I loved working with your company. I'm sorry that our relationship before was a struggle. I have become professional minded since making it halfway through my Masters Degree program in professional writing. I graduate in May 2017. I am able to produce more technical documents than before. I know that Custom Papers had a need for Technical Writers and Editors before. These are skills I can offer.

I decided to reapply completely so that you can see the new pieces I have to offer and so those at Custom Papers would know I am available for different and more in-depth assignments. I still think we're a good match. My skills and your needs go perfect together. Remote working is my work of choice and writing and researching are my passion. Thank you for your consideration. Please send my warm regards to Sheri and Joanne.

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