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Research Writer Interview With Yolanda

Yolanda - Educator with a Sponge-Like Brain

I am a senior college student at the University of Phoenix pursuing a bachelor's degree in Science of Environmental Science. I already have an Associates Degree in Concentration Art in Education with honors. I have a passion for academia and am good at what I do. My current GPA is a 3.87 and I am proud of my work.

For the past three and a half years I have been helping my fellow students with their work. I have had teammates that work in all time zones within the United States and I have never had anything less than an A due to my leadership skills, proofreading, and have sometimes done all the work. I take pride in my work, which is why I always give top-notch essays and PowerPoints. I am good at every subject but excel in Science of all kinds. Environmental science may be my specialty, but I have always been good at all Earth Sciences. I do extensive research on university approved sites such as government and educational sites. Other resources that are required such as work based on current events, in which I use unbiased media sites.

I have never plagiarized anything in my life. I have tutored students of all ages to influence them to do their own work using their own words by explaining the objective thoroughly and teaching them in a language they can understand. I am patient and understanding of people's situation. It is very common for me to work with people who are have demanding jobs and I respect their efforts in furthering themselves in their careers by taking college courses. Knowing that I am working with real people who need help succeeding makes me delighted to help than simply doing my own work for my education. I love to help people and I do the best I can to make them excel in their dreams.

I have always been good at education and I have been helping students since I was ten years old. I have even helped teachers and professors occasionally. I give constructive criticism and make people more confident in themselves and their work. Writing for them can show them how. For some people seeing an example can give them confidence, inspiration, and influence on their future work. School has always come easy to me. I hate to say it but educating myself can be boring and I create my own research projects simply for fun and to make my life a little more exciting. Being able to find other ways to educate myself by helping others enriches my life and makes me a better teacher. My brain is a sponge. I can retain knowledge for years. I was once asked by a young student, "why do you know everything?" I was taken aback by the question and I was not sure how to answer (she was only eight years old). I told her I love to learn, and I read... a lot! She now wants to be a teacher when she grows up.

Even though I have a decent grade point average, I do not feel like I am the smartest person alive. I see myself constantly learning something new and I enjoy that. This passion I have is why I am a good writer. I am imaginative, and I have written countless papers high marks. I could not tell you why I am a good writer in only 600 words, but I can tell you that reviews from students and my grades reflect how good I am. I am confident that any student would be pleased with my work and I believe that they will all learn something in the end. Thank you and (I found your service there) for giving me this opportunity to work as an example research writer and editor.

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