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Research Writer Interview With Adam

Much More Than Correct Grammar

Hello, Adam! We're happy you had time to talk with us.

Hi Custom Research Papers! It's always a pleasure to talk about writing, or to write about writing, rather.

What do you enjoy about academic term paper and essay writing?

The process of creation and the pleasure in seeing the finished product, mostly. I love starting with a blank page - or blank screen, as the case may be - and making it into something more. By the time I'm done, I've created a whole architecture of thought, with a foundation, staircases, rooms and, hopefully, a nice view. Although it's challenging, sometimes, to build all that from scratch, standing back at the end and remembering that you started with just a blank page makes it all worthwhile.

Have you always enjoyed writing?

No, actually, I hated it initially. My mother and father are both writers, so when I wrote essays for school, my parents would always find room for improvement - too much room, sometimes. When they were finished editing, there was usually more red ink than black! Over the years, though, I developed a thick skin and my own style. I learned that writing a good paper requires more than correct grammar and a thesaurus; it takes practice, skill and a bit of flair. Writing essay after essay while completing my degrees gave me the practice and skills I needed as well as the confidence to write boldly. Now, I approach writing enthusiastically, mindful both of my abilities and of how far I've come.

What do you think is necessary for a good essay or research paper?

A solid essay or research paper should, of course, have a compelling introduction, a logical structure, and excellent research and writing, but those are just examples of the one essential quality of a good paper: a good argument. The point of a paper is neither to demonstrate the writer's abilities - though one hopes it will do that too - nor merely to collect facts which are helpful but not enough on their own. Instead, a paper is meant to persuade the reader, to change his or her beliefs and to defend a claim worth making. Every aspect of the paper, including its writing, research and structure, should be considered in light of that goal. For that reason, anything that makes the reader pay closer attention, or view the claims made as more credible, is part of a good paper.

You've talked about writing, but what about yourself? What's your background and how does it qualify you to help others with their papers?

I've never been one to turn down an invitation to talk about myself! I started out studying economics, which involves a lot of writing, though usually of quite a technical and analytical kind. I did very well in my courses but I decided life as an economist didn't appeal to me. I went to law school instead and graduated last year. Most legal work involves writing applications, briefs, letters, etc. and while at law school I had to learn how to write quickly and clearly. Again, I did well academically and won a number of prizes, including a few for writing. Next year, I'm going back to school for graduate legal studies, which I expect will sharpen my writing skills. Over the years, I enrolled in programs that demanded a high degree of analytic precision and technical skill, and I excelled in them in part because I learned how to write a term paper that combined both.

Well, Adam, we're glad you could share your thoughts with us. Any final words?

Only that brevity is an important part of good writing. I'll try to demonstrate that virtue and not add anything further.

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