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Research Writer Interview With Amye

Comfortable With Literature And Humanities

Welcome to Custom Admissions Papers, we're glad to be speaking with you today.

Thank you very much. I have to say the staff has been remarkably supportive. I have written for academic paper companies in the past and none are as professional and efficient as Custom Admissions Papers.

What qualifies you to be a freelance academic essay writer?

I have been writing for as long as I can remember. Reading, writing, and interpreting poetry are my favorite things to do in my spare time. I hold a BA in English from a Big Ten university, and am now in the process of completing a Masters of Teaching program. I believe when you have a passion for something, like I do for writing, it makes you want to excel at that given talent. I believe my passion and my formal training make me a qualified writer.

Do you specialize in any certain area of model student academic writing?

While I am comfortable writing on a variety of subjects, I am most comfortable with literature and humanities. My educational background is in literature and I have studied it very thoroughly. I also enjoy history and politics immensely and enjoy writing about either one.

What do you enjoy most about writing on an academic level?

I thoroughly enjoy academia. I enjoy the research, the atmosphere, and the opportunity to learn, that awaits anyone in the academic field. What I enjoy most about writing on an academic level is the knowledge I gain through every assignment. I once wrote a twelve page masters level paper on George Washington. While this may have been perceived as boring or tedious by some, it was the most fascinating paper I have written to date. I loved learning about a subject that I had previously not known much about. (And all of that "George Washington Trivia" comes in handy when playing Trivial Pursuit).

What do you think makes a well written paper?

Having a background in creative writing, I approach things quite differently than some traditional writers. I believe a paper absolutely must have two things: A great essay "hook" for the first sentence, and a powerful last word. I always try to end every paper I write with a statement that not only reinforces my thesis but also lets the professor know that I have gotten into this subject body and soul, and that I understand it thoroughly and personally. I have gotten very favorable responses to this approach from my professors in my graduate program.

How do I know you will work hard to give me a great paper?

There is no guarantee that every writer will treat your paper as their own, but at Custom Admissions Papers, it's as close as it gets. The company screens their freelance writers very thoroughly and believe me when I tell you; it's a hard process to get accepted as a writer for this company. They believe they've hired the best, and I have to work as hard as I can to prove them right. I will treat your paper as my own, and if I have any questions, I will contact you and make sure I am working to meet your needs.

What made you come to work for Custom Admissions Papers?

Last year my husband and I welcomed twin daughters into the world. Since then I have been working on getting my Masters and still struggling with wanting to earn an income for my family. Custom Admissions Papers allows me to keep my academic research skills sharp, while supplementing my income from the comfort of my own home where I can be with my children. It really is a nice balance.

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