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Research Writer Interview With Angie

Natural Curiosity Is My Motivator

Hello Angie! What motivated you to custom-write academic essays and term papers?

After completing my History BA I felt the need to continue using my writing and analytical skills, whilst also increasing my knowledge. Writing custom papers allows me to work from home in a relaxed environment overlooked by my two British Bulldogs and my silver tabby, which enjoys watching me type. I feel that my skills help others to develop their own writing skills as they can use my work as a guideline for their completed assignment.

What type of writing do you enjoy?

In the past I have written a variety of poetry and short stories and continue to enjoy writing fiction. I am currently writing a novel based on my grandmother's life during the Nazi occupation of Warsaw, Poland and how it has made the strong woman she is today. I enjoy argumentative research essay writing in which a debate occurs. This form of writing can be relevant for many subjects whether in Law, Politics, English, History, Sociology or many others. The Humanities appeal widely to my personal interests; however I feel that at Custom Research the wide base of writers gives rise to specialisation in a broad variety of subjects.

What other skills do you bring to your writing?

I have studied French, Latin, Polish, and Italian giving me a greater understanding of grammar and the structure of language in general. My degree promoted in me the ability to write concisely, effectively and convincingly on various events within History and I feel that I use these skills in all my writing. I used to find in High School that I would write less than other students but often receive a better mark because I had written accurately and not rambled on about irrelevant issues. I feel it is a skill to be able to write well concisely and not feel the need to repeat points.

What keeps you motivated each day?

A quote from Francis Bacon which goes a little like this "reading makes a full man, conference a ready man, and writing an exact man." I have always enjoyed reading from an early age and find that writing allows for the expression of opinion and ideas that reading provides. I have a natural curiosity which keeps me motivated because I feel there is always something new to learn, or a new angle on an old debate to read up on in order to stay up-to-date with present debates.

Do you feel that writing essays and custom term papers for students is ethical?

Personally I feel that there is nothing ethically wrong in writing custom term papers. I feel this because it is providing a guideline or example of the way an essay should be written and thus in the long run may help students to develop the correct way to set out an essay by considering examples. Also the majority of books and articles are based on secondary sources; therefore these too have looked at previous work and re-written what other writers have written. It is often very difficult to track down primary sources for students as these avenues remain open only for scholars and academics doing a thesis or doctorates. Therefore, I feel I am providing a college writing service which is ethical because ultimately it is helping, rather than hindering the student as long as they use papers as guidelines and do not plagiarise them.

What advice would you give when writing an essay?

An essay always needs to have an introduction which sets out the general issues surrounding the topic, a main body which evaluates the arguments and issues in separate paragraphs, and a conclusion to summarise the arguments in the essay. It is important to use quotes when not using original ideas or to cite where the idea came from. Everyone has a different writing style, however I feel that if you stick to this format the essay should cover what it needs to.

How do you feel when writing a research paper on a subject you know little about?

I tend to only accept papers I feel confident on writing or which have been researched or written about extensively. However, sometimes it is difficult to find extensive research and in this case it means that I need to extensively analyse the sources which do exist. It is impossible to know everything about everything and I feel writing custom term papers or essays allows me to increase the knowledge I do have making me a more accomplished and experienced research writer with every paper which I undertake. I only ever write a paper or essay which I would be happy to hand in myself, but I would refuse to work with a client who's even thinking about submitting my example research paper as his or her own.

Thank you for taking the time to talk to Custom Papers!

You are most welcome!

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