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Research Writer Interview With Carey

Legal Writing and Research

Hi Carey. What was your journey that brought you to academic writing?

I have always been passionate about writing and studied communications and journalism in college. Even after I graduated from law school and my career moved in a different direction, I could not let go of my writing roots. As an attorney, I enjoyed the legal research and writing aspect of my job so much more than courtroom litigation that I began to perform freelance legal research and writing for other attorneys who did not have sufficient time or resources to put into their own pleadings and briefs. I also began writing for an environmental company. As I had suspected, writing was a much better fit for me than my legal career, and I could see the light to a much happier, more productive life for myself. That was 10 years ago, and I am still thankful for the gift of writing.

In the 10 years you have worked as a freelance writer, what other writing experience have you gained?

In addition to academic, legal and environmental writing, my freelance writing experience includes other diverse projects ranging from a weekly, front-page column in the local newspaper, to writing business communications, writing online expert reviews, and creating newsletters and marketing brochures. I have also been published in other news media and magazines. Aside from freelance business writing, I also enjoy writing fiction, primarily short stories and children's stories. Although the stories have yet to pay the rent, they have been published and I have won several memorable contests.

What do you enjoy about writing, and more specifically, about academic writing and research?

In almost any type of writing I perform, I enjoy the process of gathering new and interesting information and weaving it together in a final, polished piece. There has yet to be a writing project where I haven't found great satisfaction in the completed project.

Do you prefer to write about topics that are familiar to you or new subjects?

It would be impossible for me to choose because I am interested in projects ranging from issues I am already acquainted with to topics in the unknown. Familiarity with a subject is great because it gives me a great leap in the right direction. Even with familiar subjects, there is always something new to learn and add, especially with all of the information available at my fingertips on the Web. On the other hand, it is always an exciting challenge to tackle a topic unknown to me. When it comes down to it, I am simply happy for the opportunity to write.

What do you hope to gain from writing for Edit Research?

It's funny, because I loved school, loved college, and altogether loved the academic setting. Academic writing keeps me in touch with what I enjoyed most about school. It's amazing to get paid to do something that I always loved to do. On that note, I have found over the years that writing isn't for everybody, and the struggle for some to put a good paper together can be grueling. In addition, sometimes time constraints and the pressures and demands of every day life can be so overwhelming that it is impossible to complete every task or assignment necessary for academic achievement. If my writing can serve to ease that burden, or assist someone in pursuit of their goals or dreams, then I am doing my job and satisfied.

Thanks, Carey for sharing your thoughts with us today. It's great to have a writer on board who is so enthused.

You're welcome and it's great to be a part of Custom Papers Research.

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