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Research Writer Interview With Diane

Falling In Love With Custom Writing

At your old age, what made you decide to make a career change and why Custom Essays?

I have been in the sales industry for the last few decades, spending the last several years selling insurance. With all of the changes in the health insurance industry and the economic recession, that career has hit a dead end. I had always been a good writer but with my former work schedule, I seldom had time to do any writing. When I realized that I had more time on my hands I decided to enroll in some writing classes and try to get that flair back. I have really enjoyed it and I found that I am still good at it. My daughter worked for Custom Essays before and had nothing but wonderful things to say about the company, so I decided to give it a try as well.

Was it hard to remember all the rules of writing model essays?

I hadn’t written an essay in a very long time before enrolling in my writing classes. The hardest part was just remembering the etiquette of formal essay writing. With all of the technology and text messaging, I was not used to having to use correct spelling, grammar, and punctuation. Now I am making it a habit to always edit my writing, even text messages, just so I can get back into that groove.

What are you most looking forward to about your job at Custom Essays?

I am really excited to have the chance to research all different topics. I would never take the time to sit down and research random topics or events in my free time, so I am looking forward to taking assignments in a wide range of subjects. I am also looking forward to actually taking the time to write again. Over the years life got so hectic and I just forgot how much I enjoy it, and working for Custom Essays will give me the opportunity to explore that again.

What subject are you the most knowledgeable in?

I have a Bachelor’s Degree in psychology so I have some background in that subject. I like to think I am knowledgeable in business too.

Are you nervous about anything?

Nervous is not the right word. I just want to make sure that I follow directions correctly and earn clients the best grades possible. I would feel awful if someone got a bad grade because of my example work, so I just want to ensure the best quality. I am a little nervous that I am going to quickly fall back in love with writing and not be able to leave my computer.

How is Custom Essays different from any other work that you’ve done?

For one, Custom Essays gives writers the luxury of working from home. Granted I do not have little kids to look after anymore, it is nice to be able to get work done in my pajamas. Custom Essays also offers flexibility for writers and that is crucial when you have other responsibilities. This is one of the few “make your own schedule” businesses that is actually legitimate. Finally, I have never had the chance to help people in the way that Custom Essays does. Sometimes with school, work, and other responsibilities, students find no time to get certain coursework done, and I think a company like Custom Essay Papers is very helpful in those situations.

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