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Research Writer Interview With Ellen

Prolific Writer

Who majorly influenced your love of example essay writing, editing, and research?

My mother was a prolific writer. My father was a voracious reader and imaginative storyteller. He and my grandparents read to me daily, throughout my early childhood. Enraptured by fairytales, Dr. Seuss, Little Golden Books and captivating illustrations, this artsy, dreamy, inquisitive child could not wait to learn to begin to read and... to write.

Who are your favorite authors?

There are dozens. I’ll list a few:

Compelling fiction: Ayn Rand, John Jakes, Gary Jennings. Sidney Sheldon, James A. Michener, John Saul, Tammy Hoag, John Irving, Bronte Sisters, Upton Sinclair, Leon Uris, Tennessee Williams, Ernest Hemmingway, John Steinbeck

Fantasy fiction: J.R.R. Tolkien, Dr. Seuss, George Orwell, Lewis Carroll, Ray Bradbury, H.G. Wells

Political Satire: George Carlin, Art Buchwald, Andy Rooney, Michael Moore

Non-Fiction: John Jakes, Anne Frank, Frederick Douglass, Maya Angelou, Truman Capote, Randy Pausch

Poets: Keats, Milton, Emily Dickenson, Frost

All-time faves?: Shakespeare, Poe, Dickens, Twain, Will Rogers

Talk about your writing background?

In addition to writing my own poetry and prose, I’ve found that my career(s) have afforded ample opportunity to hone my writing skills. As a mental health Clinical Supervisor, designed entire treatment programs and protocols and drafted required, agency reports for JCAHO, State, and Federal licensing reviews, within mandated deadlines. As Elderly Services Coordinator for an urban housing authority, I wrote, designed layout and printed the monthly newsletter, distributed to 400 elderly and disabled residents. As Bereavement Services Coordinator for Hospice, I designed a comprehensive, 16-session, Bereavement Group Syllabus. Following the spring 2000, four-part, PBS broadcast of, On Our Own terms: Moyers on Dying, I was assigned sole responsibility for authoring my agency’s 110 page, final post-broadcast evaluation, submitted to Bill Moyer’s parent company, Public affairs Television. Much of this writing required extensive research, extrapolation, notation and or synthesis of significant amounts of information.

Why does academic writing appeal to you?

One fact I learned as a counselor is this: The best way to learn a subject is to approach it as if you are going to teach it. Academic writing opens wide vistas of new subject matter and the research process affords me the opportunity to delve into a project as deeply as I chose. I approach my assignments with enthusiasm, a highly inquisitive, imaginative mindset and the determination to meet or exceed each client’s expectations. My bonus? It is impossible to unlearn.

What is your primary goal as an academic writer?

My main purpose as an academic writer is to compose compelling sample essays that not only meet clients’ expectations, but to possibly inspire a similar love of learning, through reading and research, in those clients.

What subjects do you find most compelling?

Oh my! I have to choose? I’m best versed in Psychology, Sociology, addiction and recovery, end-of-life care and healthcare, in general. I’m as curious as ever and am fascinated by current and remote political analysis, historical writing, and character studies (individuals and communities). In truth, I have yet to meet a subject that bores me.

In conclusion, what attracted you to Custom Essays?

My friend, an exceptional writer and published author, began as a staff writer for Custom Essay in the summer of 2009. He has offered nothing but accolades for the pre-hire, vetting process that assures only the highest quality writing is offered to clients. In addition, he was duly enthused and impressed by the level of 24/7, staff support, available through the site’s attentive, knowledgeable coordinators. In addition, per-page fees are reasonable and fair to both client and writer. My friend referred me for consideration and I could not be more pleased to have been accepted as an academic writer for Custom Essays.

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