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Research Writer Interview With Emma

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Hi Emma, thanks for talking to us today.

Hi there, and thank you too!

Let's talk about how you started writing - were you always a writer?

I've always loved reading since I was a child, and writing as well. I loved researching and writing school assignments, I think I must have been the only kid in my class who did! I wasn't always a writer though; my education background is quite different when you compare it to what I've ended up doing for a living.

Really, why is that?

Well, I actually went to college and finished a science degree. I have a Master's degree, and my major is in Immunology. At that time I wanted to be a research scientist, but I went through some life changes and I realized it wasn't for me after all. After a couple of years I rediscovered my love of writing, and now I'm lucky enough to be a full-time professional contract writer. I've also completed a diploma in Communication Studies, which has involved courses in a variety of subjects -- Web Writing, Technical Writing, Literature, History, Anthropology, and Sociology to name a few.

So College was a waste of time then?

Not at all - even though I'm not always using all the knowledge I gained, the types of skills I gained there have been a great help to me in developing as a writer. I learned how to research and how to analyze what I read, and I can apply these skills to researching and writing any academic subject.

How did you get into writing custom research papers?

Last year I was approached by the owner of an E-book company who'd been scouting message boards looking for new writers. I wrote two E-books for him, and I enjoyed the process of research and writing so much that I started looking for other sources of writing work. I discovered the custom paper industry and it looked like a good match.

What do you like about writing custom essays and term papers?

The thing I love most about this job is that I get to learn about so many different subjects. For example, I recently completed a job about the history of the Polaroid Camera company ' that was a lot of fun and very interesting too. I've been doing a lot of work on ancient Greek literature recently as well; this is great because I get to write about books I've read and enjoyed. I really think this is my ideal job - I get paid to learn and write, which are two of the things I love to do most in the world!

But isn't it unethical to write other people's work for them?

Honestly, no I don't consider that it's unethical. There is so much pressure on students today; I don't blame anyone who decides they need some extra help. I think a lot of people underestimate just how much pressure there is, even at the high school level. And think about it this way - if you're in danger of failing a course, it's much better to buy an example paper to provide you with information how to do your own reseearch than fail and have to pay for an extra semester of tuition fees.

One more question, then you can get back to work - what's different about Dissertation Writer?

Well, of course I can't talk much about the customer service side, but from a contracted writer's point of view they are superior to the other custom paper companies I have worked for. The staff are very friendly and helpful, and there is a really good system for communication between writers and customers, too. And of course, at Dissertation Writer you are always guaranteed a completely original paper - no recycling, no plagiarizing - the paper is always 100% created just for you! I think those are great reasons to have all your academic needs taken care of with Dissertation Writer.

Thanks for talking with us today, Emma.

You're welcome, it was my pleasure!

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