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Research Writer Interview With Grace

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Why did you decide to custom-write research papers, thesis or dissertations for clients on a professional level?

First and probably foremost, I enjoy writing essays, which is a key element with any profession. But, more important, I have been in a student's shoes in the past and I realize all too well how time is a major factor with regard to their studies and one paper can often represent the difference between passing or failing a course. Having said that, I have had experience in both realms, that of the student and of a writer and I feel as though I can contribute to students' needs while also developing my own skills and seek better, professional means of transposing my skills for the benefit of others. Writing, for me at least, is a passion, it is a learned skill that I enjoy doing and therefore I found it rewarding to be able to help students in the process of their own achievements.

What can you offer to these students with respect to your own fields of interests and writing skills?

Having a considerable amount of experience reading a lot of material about an array of topics as well as applying my skills to my own profession after receiving my degree, I have found that I can offer those experiences and more, depending upon the needs of the students. While it may be difficult to surmise exactly what is expected at any given time, the fact that one has achieved a degree and has read a great deal lends itself to realizing that the horizon always changes with respect to time and experience. Therefore, I can offer my own knowledge as well as future knowledge as it applies to pending assignments. Reading a book is one issue, but writing about it in a concise, succinct, yet simplistic way is another issue.

What motivates you to custom write quality papers?

The answer is simple -- there is nothing like the feeling of producing high quality and custom essays. Some may say that one could easily make do with re-writing essays available on the web. Fortunately, for my clients, all of my work is custom written, meaning each work is an original. When the finished paper meets my standards, I feel a great sense of accomplishment. Thus, I motivate myself to meet the high standards required of any and all writers who are in this field. As an aside, I also enjoy researching and learning about new subjects -- I have read many books that I might not have had the opportunity to through my work as a researcher and writer.

Having experience as a professional researcher and having read a great deal of literature, how do can you explain why you feel competent to write about almost any topic?

Reading is more than just an art; it also requires a sense of commitment to the material as well as the client's needs. Having read and written about a number of different topics that have not been in my general genre with respect to my history, proves that I am qualified and capable of adapting to specific situations. Whereas it is true that I will not be able to write about any topic, continuing my quest for gained knowledge is a necessity if one is expected to learn more about a variety of topics.

As a research writer, do you feel comfortable with writing example papers for others?

In my opinion, students are often faced with competing obligations and responsibilities. I am happy to provide a necessary service that can fit in with the busy lifestyle that engages many students. I believe that it is my responsibility to provide quality papers for a particular client. How the client uses the paper is entirely up to them. I have no qualms about researching and writing custom essays or term papers for clients and hope that my paper can aid them in their studies.

Why do you feel that you are capable of addressing so many issues with regard to assignments and how quick can you adapt to a different array of topics?

Adapting to an environment is a necessity in any field in life; for me, I have chosen to adapt to the many different genre of literature. The amount of time needed to adapt to a very specialized topic outside of my realm of experience will obviously be greater than adapting to one that is well-known to me, but it's all part of the human experience, and this is but one reason I chose to write these kind of papers, because it offers a certain degree of alterations that challenge my ability to write with respect to a wide variety of issues. It's more than a challenge, as it has become a way of life for me, and I want to be able to contribute this ability when writing custom papers or just essays for students.

Researching and writing papers is difficult work. Have you experienced any particular difficulties when working on papers?

Fortunately, I have never had any complaints from my clients, nor have I had any returns. Clients can make my job easier by providing specific guidelines. The more information that clients provide, the more likely it is that my work will meet their expectations. In some cases, clients give me free reign to write as I please. By focusing in on the needs of the clients, whether it be through specific guidelines given to me or through careful extrapolation, I find that I am able to provide customer satisfaction with my written work. I promise to work with the client to provide a research paper that he or she can be satisfied with. Sometimes this requires revision, a service that I am happy to provide.

Do you feel that you are capable of producing an in-depth study, such as a dissertation for a graduate student?

Honestly, this will depend on the topic. Having completed at least four in the past, I realize that a custom dissertation is a culmination of ideas and concepts that lead to an advanced degree in a specific course. Whereas I would never attempt to complete one about Einstein's theory of Relativity, I might choose to write one about Quantum Physics and although they parallel, the latter is more apt to be better available in today's literature. On the other hand, writing a dissertation (or even a thesis) about world history is one that I would grab in a moment's notice, as I hold a minor in the subject. Again, because custom written dissertations are quite different from research papers, the ability to choose the right type is an art in and of itself.

Thank you very much, Grace.

You are welcome. I want to thank you for the opportunity of working with the Custom Dissertations team.

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