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Research Writer Interview With Jake

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What is one of the things that made you want to become a writer?

I loved to write all through high school and my English teacher in my junior year of high school actually inspired me to learn how to write correctly. Every paper I handed in would come back covered in red ink. It didn't matter how hard I tried to make the papers perfect that I handed in, they always came back with mistakes.

Finally by the end of the year, I had it down to a couple mistakes per pages. So, I decided to major in journalism and become a professional writer.

What made you get into freelance writing?

During college, I did not have a job and I found some sites online that paid authors to write articles for them. At first I thought it was a big scam, but I wrote a couple and the payments started coming in. I got very excited to be able to do something like freelance writing while in school and it was an amazing opportunity.

I ended up writing all through college and still do now. It was amazing how much revenue being a freelance author brought in during school. I never had to work all through my associate's degree program.

Is writing academic or article work better?

Both types of work offer their own type of enjoyment. The best part of writing academic papers it the ability to constantly be learning new things. I have learned tons of things about my career that I never knew or learned at work or in school by writing academic papers.

Article work is repetitious mostly and the academic work allows the writer to use their brain and thought process a little bit more. Also, it helps someone out that needs help usually at the last minute. I have been in situations tons of times where I needed a paper the next day.

Academic essay writing is also serious. It is a more professional sort of freelance work than writing keyword articles for people that will probably not end up paying anyway. It allows the author to bring out their best work instead of writing the same thing twenty times so that the articles can be submitted by the deadline.

How did you find out about academic freelance work?

I was actually looking for someone to do my paper online once and found academic sites that were offering to write my papers for me. It was intriguing, but this was a few years back, so of course I thought it was another internet scam and thought nothing of it.

But, as I continued to look up APA citation guidelines and things along those lines, I saw more and more academic sites that offered to write papers for you. Eventually, as I was browsing through some of them, I saw some links that said, "Authors click here." I clicked on the little icon and it was an application.

I filled out the application and was accepted into some of the sites instantly. Unfortunately, my first few academic sites that I worked with were not as honest as they said and usually ended up shorting me a couple hundred dollars a month. But, as I gained experience, I got to work with better companies that paid well and on time.

How long do you plan to do academic freelance writing?

I plan on doing freelance writing forever. It is such a great learning experience that can bring in some extra money on the side. As long as it is taken with consideration and 20 jobs are not accepted at one time, there is no reason that is should be stressful. All I like to do is take a couple projects a week and finish them when I have a couple minutes and I bring in a little extra money in on the side.

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