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Research Writer Interview With Janet

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Hi Janet! Why did you decide to write customized term papers and research?

I enjoy writing and doing research, and research papers are a good combination of the two pursuits. Before I wrote custom research papers, I worked as a technical librarian and a technical writer. I enjoyed and got paid very well for my work, but I didn't feel that my writing was really benefiting anyone. I wanted to help individuals on a more direct level.

What are your qualifications for writing academic term papers?

I have a very broad knowledge base of both technical and non-technical subjects. When I was a librarian and technical writer, I worked as a contractor; so, I was exposed to a variety of environments and disciplines. Sites worked included the San Jose State University, Apple Computer, Compaq, Schlumberger, California Coastal Commission, a number of Silicon Valley startups, and NASA Ames. Through both my librarian work and a Masters in Library Science, I developed the ability to "mine" database for the exact content I needed. Also, from my years in hi-tech, I gained the ability to respond to tough deadlines and to get the job done.

What personal qualities make for a good custom paper writer?

Perfectionism and the desire to give your client the best possible product possible. As my mother said, "No matter what you are, try to be the best at what you do." So, I have, no matter where I was, tried to do my best. Also, important is the openness and desire to learn new things and get paid for it.

As an independent freelance writer, how do you feel about the ethics of writing essays or term papers?

In my opinion, writing term papers is a not a skill that most people will need in their work later on. Also, a lot of our clients are student who have English as their second language. English is a hard language to learn, and these students, although they may be quite proficient in their particular discipline, sometimes do not feel comfortable in the mechanical aspects of writing English. Writing custom term papers gives them the assistance that they need in order to be educated and contribute to the global economy.

What problems have you encountered in writing term paper or essay and how did you resolve them?

The major problem I encounter in writing papers is that, sometimes, students do not fully define the scope of the project. In that case, I get back to the students and have them define more clearly what they need. Also, once in a long while, there will be problems in obtaining source materials. I try to, in that case, get back to the student and see if they can provide me with more information about where I may find them sources or if there are others that can be substituted instead.

Have you ever written dissertations or PhD theses?

I have done one dissertation in clinical psychology for a friend of my husband's. Mainly, my role has been compiling the literature review section, editing, and compiling lists of citations. The student provides the original research. Also, in course of study for my Masters, I wrote a 100-page thesis. The difference between short essays and an in-depth study, such as a dissertation, is mainly that the dissertation writing, much like manual or books, is spread over a long time, and involves several reviews and revisions. My experience as a technical writer in manual production has given the patience needed for custom dissertation writing.

Thank you very much, Janet.

You are welcome. I want to thank you for the opportunity of working with the Custom Editors team.

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