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Research Writer Interview With Jannie

Passion for Academic Research

"Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known."

Dr. Carl Sagan - American Astronomer, Writer and Scientist, 1934-1996

Natural curiosity and a love for reading have always fueled my passion for research. I have been an independent contractor for academic writing services since 2011 and I love knowing that my work is helping model proper research inquiry and technique for those who may need help. For me, the most rewarding research is always evaluative and goes beyond restating simple facts – problems are addressed, causes or effects are explored, and theories are proven or disproven. Quality research sheds new light on a topic or offers a fresh perspective or correlation that may have been previously overlooked. This is my aim in all my research projects.

I hold a B.S. in Journalism from Southern Illinois University, with minors in Advertising and Psychology. I also hold a M.A. in New Media Studies from DePaul University. Throughout my student career, I worked as a tutor and class note taker across myriad subject areas for peers with learning disabilities. It was a rewarding experience and helped me improve my own research and writing skills. In my professional career, I have spent over a decade in higher education roles including academic counseling, recruiting, student services and college marketing. I currently work as a Marketing Director for a private, graduate school located in downtown Chicago. Nevertheless, I also have weekly availability and flexibility to accommodate the part-time researching, writing and editing of educational materials in any subject area required.

While some have ethical objections to essay services, I feel that companies that offer term paper assistance are doing a service to students who may genuinely need help. Not everyone is a proficient writer. In fact, most people are intimidated by academic writing and scholarly research. In the case of non-native English speakers, the challenges are even greater. I think that writing services can model proper writing technique and help students reach their goals. The idea is not to "do the work for them." Rather, the goal is to model the proper construction of a term paper, demonstrating how to present a solid argument or convey a creative idea. I enjoy assisting students in this way.

Beyond my working life, I am the married mother of a beautiful two year old son. I am originally from Memphis, Tennessee and travel to the south a few times each year. My spare time is spent scrapbooking and spending time in enrichment activities with my little one – apple picking, baby gym, and music lessons. I am an avid gardener in the spring and summer and an avid reader when the Chicago winter drives us all indoors. If money was no object and I could do anything, I would probably work with children – particularly at-risk kids in urban communities. The needs of city youth and many and there aren’t enough volunteers to go around. It is a crisis where the innocent suffer – one that I wish I could impact more.

I am very interested in because of your reputation in the freelance community and consistent order availability. I understand the rigors of higher education and have access to collegiate reference material, online libraries and other scholarly resources. I am sure I can deliver the high quality work both you and your clients are looking for. I am professional, driven, passionate about education, and dedicated to helping others. I am also a firm believer that you must have enthusiasm for what you do. Writing and research give me the impetus to keep learning, growing and staying informed. This is critical to being a great researcher, and something I will bring to

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