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Research Writer Interview With Jerry

I Authored a Book on Economics and Investing

I have multiple years of experience in writing at leading corporations and firms. I'm a seasoned professional whose work has appeared in trade journals and bookstores around the country. I've also written a 85,000 word treatise on Auditing and Internal Controls. It was published by a major academic publisher. During the last ten years I've written reports designed for Management, CEOs, and Boards of Directors.

My Writing Experience

My writing background spans educational, creative and professional writing experience. My specialty is online research. I utilize online university library tools such as General OneFile, a comprehensive resource which gives access to more than 8,000 full-text titles, more than 3,600 journals and more than 25 years of backfiles. It is the largest collection of full-text periodicals available, and highly useful in research.

I have written both fiction and non-fiction, concentrating primarily on the latter. One of my books is a 65,000 word novel which is a CIA thriller. During the last year I've also written technical manuals, reports, Standard Operating Procedures, Articles, White Papers, Press Releases and Website text. I know how to create powerful, persuasive and compelling content.

My Business and Economics Background

My background is in business, economics and finance. My college degree was earned in that field. I've written a large number of forensics papers on IT and computer topics for a national school. I've written feature articles for magazines on a rather esoteric topic – astronomy. It's a hobby.

I actually wrote a book on economics and investing. I wrote this book for a major demographic section of the country – investors who are concerned about their future and their holdings. At recent dinners (anniversaries and weddings I've attended) with large groups of people, the most talked-about topic is the economy and investments. Everyone is concerned without exception.

This book covers:

Forensic Assignments I've Tackled

I also have forensic background - I've prepared reports on a very diverse group of topics:

Personal Diversions

On a personal note, I have a commercial pilot's license. However, I was involved in several very close calls and I decided to leave that field early on. I was a flight instructor for a very, very short period of time.

I do enjoy copywriting – I've written a variety of SEO Articles for just about every type of company you can imagine. I've written text for their websites, too. On a speculative basis I wrote several screenplays – but that is an extremely hard market to get into unless your cousin works for a major production company. One of the advantages of writing screenplays is that your grasp of creative writing goes to new levels.

My Family

My family is from the sun states – Florida, Arizona and California. Prior to writing, I spent time at DOD. Since I enjoy research above everything, academic writing and business writing are my favorite pursuits. They combine the best of all worlds.

One of my favorite quotes:

"Logic will get you from A to Z. Imagination will get you everywhere."

Albert Einstein

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