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Research Writer Interview With Kara

An Open-Minded Statisticians and Economist

I hold a bachelor's degree in economics and statistics. As an expert in the field of statistics, I'm able to hastily grasp and appropriately apply highly complex technical concepts while at the same time examining, questioning, and absorbing all the materials presented to me. I strongly appreciate the fact that success in this area of economics and statistics requires a person who loves mathematics as a discipline. As such, I have progressively cultivated my interest in math through participating in contests organized at various levels. Certainly, practitioners in the field of statistics often have to bend in order to address the problems presented to them. To do so, one must be highly open-minded. I have nurtured my capacity for open mindedness through taking part in debates involving professionals drawn from diverse professional disciplines. Here, an issue is raised and each one of us is required to address it using the underpinnings of their academic background after which one is free to challenge the ideas held by the members of the other professional areas.

I possess a number of personal attributes which I believe equip me with the capacity for freelance academic writing. Firstly, I'm extremely hardworking and capable of operating under pressure. As such, when the deadline of the project I'm handling is revised, I'm able to adjust accordingly and manage to upload the work within the new deadline. Moreover, I hold the ability to plan, organize, prioritize, and work independently. Therefore, when I select assignments, I easily deliver them within their allocated deadline the fact that I work remotely and far from the company administrators notwithstanding. Additionally, I boast of a strong command of the English language. Certainly, academic writing requires a person who is able to deliver papers which are devoid of any kinds of grammatical errors. Further, I have unrivaled and extensive literary skills with which I'm able to develop interesting themes and storylines. These skills have actually won me numerous return customers and bonuses for premium quality work.

As a good writer, I'm a dependable and collaborative team player with a proven ability to write premium quality research projects which are highly persuasive. Such projects exhibit impeccable grammar and 0% plagiarism. Secondly, as a good writer, I have strong editing skills and a good track record of writing essays, concept papers, research proposals, research projects, dissertations, thesis, cover letters, admission letters, articles, journals, term papers, course works, article critiques, case studies, company analyses, and biographies, that make readers stop and think. Additionally, as a good writer, I'm highly creative, therefore, able to deliver original papers that easily capture the interest of readers. Moreover, I'm capable of presenting facts as vividly as possible since this is the surest way one can sustain the interest of readers. Further, as a good writer, I'm able to adhere to instructions. By adhering to the given instructions, I ensure that I do not deviate from what is required of me.

As an experienced writer, I appreciate the fact that, engaging in any forms of plagiarism can be highly detrimental. As such, to avoid plagiarism, I first read the ideas contained in the materials I use to develop my projects, understand them very well and then interpret the important ones. After interpreting these ideas and putting them down in my own original words, I acknowledge their source through providing truthful referencing both within the text and on the references page. I also make use of various software such as "Turnitin" to sniff out any unintentional matchups so as to ensure that I hand in papers which are 100% free of plagiarism. I strongly believe that these practices will continue to catapult me to even greater heights in the arena of academic writing.

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