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Research Writer Interview With Kent

Pharmaceutical and Financial Research / Computer Science

Dr. Kent please give me an overview of you academic background.

I received my Bachelors of Arts degree from the University of Connecticut in 1969. My major was Chemistry with a dual minor in Mathematics and English. I earned my Master's degree in Computer Science from Steven's Institute of Technology in 1978 and my Doctorate in Computing from Pace University in 2006.

Were you working when you earned your Master's and Doctorate degrees?

Yes. I was working at Lederle Laboratories, a pharmaceutical research, development and production facility when I earned my Master's degree. I had made the decision to change fields while I was working as a chemist. I was fascinated by computers and had begun programming the rudimentary computers of the time for the quality control department. I found I enjoyed the challenges of applying my growing knowledge of computing to the analytical problems faced by our laboratory. I realized I needed to understand the theory as well as the practice of computing.

And for your Doctorate?

I earned my Doctorate while working for IBM. It is a quite a interesting story. I was working for PriceWaterhosueCoopers as a management consultant. My company was purchased by IBM. Once we merged, opportunities within IBM were open to me. My human resources person gave me a call to tell me about a job that was open in the IBM Research division. The job was to work with the brilliant research staff to help them focus their considerable talents on the business problems of IBM's Financial Service's clients. As I interviewed for the job I found that IBM Research is the largest private information technology research organization in the world and that most of the major inventions and discoveries that have driven the technology industry as a whole came out of IBM Research. I immediately accepted the job when it was offered to me.

In my first or second meeting with my manager, we discussed career and personal development plans. He asked me to find an education program that would help me be as effective as I could be in my new role. I found a Doctoral program in computing at Pace University in White Plains, NY. I explained that the program is geared for people who work. Class meetings are held once a month on Saturdays for the first two years with collaborative online sessions in between. The third year is dedicated to Doctoral research and a dissertation. My application to Pace was fully supported by IBM. I applied in 2003 and received my Doctorate in 2006.

What do you do for enjoyment?

I have many interests outside of work. I very much enjoy playing golf. I also enjoy exercise. I try to visit my gym five times a week and do both cardiovascular exercise as well as weight training. In fact, I am a certified personal trainer and SpinĀ® instructor. I am also a Ham radio operator. It is my favorite of pastimes. I was fist licensed when I was 13. My dad, a radio operator for the Air Force in WWII, taught me Morse code. I have been licensed ever since.

Why do you think you will make a good academic ghostwriter?

Actually, I think I will make a great academic ghostwriter. I enjoy learning and writing about new things. I find it quite pleasurable to take an idea and some material and enhance it to tell the story in the form of a paper. I am well versed in doing literature research and use a software package called ENDNOTE from Thompson Reuters to manage and create bibliographies in any format. I am comfortable writing on most any subject. Ghostwriting also fits with my lifestyle as I am now on retainer to IBM and find I have free time on my hands.

Have you any ghostwriting experience?

I have done some ghostwriting recently. The two attached MLA essays are examples. I was helping a friend who is in an undergraduate accelerated adult education program.

I see we are at our word limit. Thank you for letting me get to know you.

My pleasure.

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