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Research Writer Interview With Lisa

Finishing Master's Degree

Hello Lisa! How long have you been an academic writer for hire?

I've been writing on and off since finishing my Master's Degree. I've written articles for newspapers, magazines and I've worked as a technical writer for a major publishing company; now I'm self-empoyed in the writing business.

What areas of research expertise do you have?

I've focused mainly on literature and education, but I can write on almost any topic. My background allows me to create dissertations or major theses in these areas with a minimal amount of research.

What made you interested in writing sample academic papers?

It's a selfish reason really. I love to custom write any kind of papers: term papers, research papers, book reports, essays, dissertations, speeches. Writing for School Researcher means that I have a wide variety of topics and ideas to write on, and that makes it fun. I really enjoy it. One of the best parts is that I can do this work from my home, which fits my schedule quite well. This work keeps me writing every day, and also keeps my custom academic writing skills in good practice.

How do you know what to write about?

When a student requests an essay or paper, he or she fills out a form which provides some details about the paper they would like written. This form asks questions about how long the paper is, what it is about, what kind of sources are needed, and when it is due. Some students need a very detailed paper with specific instructions, while others leave it open. I'm happy to write whatever the client requests.

Do you feel your work helps students or encourages them to take the easy way to a diploma?

I definitely feel my work helps students. The pressure and competition in college is incredibly stressful, and many students work part time in order to pay the high cost of tuition. School is also not the only aspect of a student's life. Other factors, such as family, relationships and important commitments can also put a major imposition on student's time. These students need a break, and that's what we're here for. I wish a service like this was around when I was in college!

Which papers or essays, for you, are the most fun to write?

I like papers and essays that challenge current thinking or ask a compelling question. Doing research on a topic that is new to me can also be very interesting and rewarding. I like to write papers that analyze, compare & contrast, argue or describe interesting ideas or topics. It can be fun to take two characters from two different stories and compare them to see how they're similar. It can also be fun to take a topic of debate in the world today and present both sides of the argument. I am always amazed at the variety of topics students request, and I'm usually intrigued by most of them.

Which papers are the most challenging?

I suppose the most challenging papers are the ones on topics I'm not familiar with. School Researcher has a great team of writers from a huge variety of backgrounds, so if I don't feel the paper is a good fit for my knowledge, I know that there will be someone on the team who is a perfect match for the paper. This is great because every research paper I write is a paper I would hand in myself. Of course, long papers on short deadlines are challenging, but I thrive on that kind of challenge! I think we all do at School Researcher.

Is there any advice you'd like to give to a student who is considering using an academic research writing service?

Sure. The most important advice I can give is to be careful and make sure you're getting what you pay for. Downloading a cheap paper is just that - a cheap paper. Many other students (possibly the ones sitting next to you in class) can easily download the same paper and use it as a model research. Even some services that claim to be custom paper writers merely cut and paste information from other sources. At School Researcher, your contracted writer guarantees an original paper that is just for you. You never have to worry about someone having a similar paper, or paying for a cut-and-paste essay. That's one of the reasons I cooperate with this company.

Thanks Lisa, and Keep Writing!

You're very welcome!

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