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Research Writer Interview With Logan

Professionalism and Rapid Project Turnaround

I. About Me

I have worked as a freelancer writing model academic essays for the last several years. Although this industry comes with its share of challenges and headaches, I find the work to be dynamic and engaging. After all, I am doing precisely what my education prepared me for: exercising critical thinking skills in order to tackle a diverse array of problems drawn a wide range of academic disciplines.

There is, perhaps, no other profession that offers the same opportunities for virtually unrestricted intellectual exploration. I have written high-quality model papers in all the disciplines listed on your site—business, medicine, law, psychology, chemistry, architecture, the humanities, social sciences, and women's studies. I've enjoyed doing it, too.

II. My Interests and Academic Background

My winding path through academia was an unusual one, but it positioned me perfectly for a career as a an academic research writer. I spent two years at the St. John's College in New Mexico, double-majoring in comparative literature and philosophy and double-minoring in the classics and the history of math and science. I spent four consecutive semesters mastering the proofs in Euclid's Elements, studying Attic Greek and Old English, and working through the Western literary canon. I spent another semester the University of Colorado at Boulder, studying linguistics, biology, and the humanities.

I decided that medical school might be in my future. I transferred again, this time to Bennington College in Vermont, where I concentrated in anthropology and political economy while pursuing my pre-med coursework: physics, general and organic chemistry, genetics, cellular biology, and biochemistry.

It was, if we are being honest, a profoundly inefficient way to attain a college degree. Upon graduating, I shied away from medical school, and even graduate school more generally. The prospect of specialization meant that I would have to give up either the hard sciences or the social sciences. In the end, I decided to study political economy in graduate school and did some interesting work, but I always missed more multidisciplinary work.

That's when I discovered model essay writing.

III. Why I am an Excellent Research Writer

I am an excellent research writer because I enjoy the work, but take care to maintain a certain distance from it. This is my job; it is enjoyable and interesting, but it is a business, and a deadline-driven one at that. I strive to maintain a focus on customer service, professionalism, and rapid project turnaround. I recognize that our clients come from wide range of backgrounds and may be facing a number of challenges and pressures as they pursue their degrees.

Because of this, I do my very best to work with each client individually in order to provide a clean, well-organized, carefully researched product that meets their needs within the required timeframe. I carefully review clients' requirements and reach out early for clarification. In the event that a product is not to client's specifications, I am highly responsive to revision requests. To date, I have done most of my work for a company with a less-than-sterling reputation in the industry. Based on emergency project reassignments I have received, many of the essays it produces are of low quality, and the company has a reputation for mistreating its writers to boot. Despite this, I have consistently maintained solid performance statistics: a zero percent plagiarism rate, a perfect on-time submission rate, and an absence of any justified quality complaints.

I would love to have the chance to bring my strong, professional work ethic to your company as well. Attached please find my resume and sample essays.

Thanks, and I look forward to hearing from you!

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