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Experienced Essay And Thesis Writer

How long have you been a custom college writer?

I have been writing custom papers, almost on a steady basis, since graduating from High School, serving as one of the editors for the newspaper. In college, I worked with the public relations department, writing human-interest stories for a period of five years. During the same period, I worked as a stringer for a nearby newspaper with a camera, taking photographs and writing short essays and articles about a small town where my college was located. Following graduation from college, I have been writing for a number of professional journals and other publications.

What do you feel is the most important issue concerning writing non-fiction materials?

One of the most important aspects of writing non-fiction pieces is being able to substantiate the material for which you are representing. Because non-fiction is a genre of and into itself, there is a need to take ideas and topics from other written material and using it along with other similar materials to develop a well written, thought provoking piece that will both capture an audience and inform the reader by bringing a number of issues together into one piece.

When did you first decide to become an essay/dissertation writer?

Since grade school, I have always felt the need to keep a journal about my life and how I felt about my experiences. During high school, when I met some other people who shared my desires to put pen to paper, I decided that, while writing would probably not become a career, I started to use writing and reading as a hobby rather than a chore. The more I read, the greater interest I had in writing. During my junior high school and high school periods, I tutored some of my friends and took as many creative writing courses as I could. This approach to writing extended into my college experiences and continued tutoring some students and was happy to find that I could make money, helping people. Moreover, my aunt, who received her Ph.D. in New York, became an extreme influence on me. She was already published and I have had dreams of doing the same since that time in my life.

What are your favorite writing topics?

Typically, I like writing about those topics (especially term papers and dissertations) with which I have the most experience or exposure, although I do enjoy writing about some topics that do not fit in my resume only because I look at it as if it were a challenge. I will generally accept any topic except those that entail economics or financial concerns. Because of my experience in medicine, I enjoy writing about the many different topics that can be cultivated from such an arena. I also like working with math, as I hold an Associates degree, as well as history, psychology and the humanities. There are times, however, when I will consider any topic because it will challenge my abilities to read about such a topic. I am a true believer of the thought that if one wants to learn about a topic, don't read about it, but write about it.

What are your feelings about writing academic pieces for students who choose to employ the use of an academic writer over doing the work themselves?

For the most part, I feel as though students are sometimes overwhelmed with work in the college or other institutions, and, having gone through this experience myself, it is understood that most students are merely looking for time to spend on the more difficult subjects and not writing materials. Moreover, some students lack the ability to organize thoughts and develop a paper that flows as well as informs the reader as if he or she has a complete command over the topic. Rarely do I believe that the students are looking for a means of getting out of work. They are, however, looking for ways to organize their time to ensure that the best time is spent on subjects that require their full attention.

What makes you qualified to be an academic writer?

Since my high school experience, I have always loved the idea of research, almost to the point when I wanted to know more about the subject than all of the books I have read. Having a sense that the sum of the parts is greater than the whole topic has driven me to seek out other ways of conducting research by reading as much as I could, including newspapers, journals and many different novels. Once I was able to grasp the idea of research and use it to my advantage, I knew that custom academic writing was worth so much more than merely having read about a topic as I was able to culminate my past experiences along with what I have read and use it to create my own art work, which, to me, was a well-researched paper that was able to stand on its own without the support of other materials. Besides that, I love research and I have always been one who has enjoyed being able to demonstrate a command over any specific topic.

How do you feel about writing a custom research paper concerning a topic about which you know little?

Working on my own, I don't expect to face this situation. However, sometimes I do take projects I'm not very familiar with because I look at it as if it were a challenge. Recalling a statement made by one of my previous instructors, "if you want to know about something, don't read about it. It is far more rewarding to write about it." This statement has remained in my mind since my earlier college life. I do my best not to be intimidated.

How many years have you spent writing research papers?

As a student, I was tasked with writing at least one paper per semester for at least three of my courses, one of which included medicine. Since that time, or approximately since the late 80s, I have been writing on a semi-continuous basis, sometimes lending assistance to my two children who are now college students. My first exposure to any kind of academic essay and term paper writing was during my freshman year in high school, back in the early part of the 70s and 80s.

What kind of work do you feel is most challenging?

The most challenging aspect of academic writing entails those topics for which I have very little exposure. If, for example, I have enough time to devote a specific topic for which I know nothing, I take it as a challenge to create a research paper, but I generally don't enjoy doing so if I am working on multiple tasks simultaneously.

What are your future goals with respect to writing academic work?

Currently, I am preparing the work for a book (non-fiction) concerning how someone will be able to better deal with a loved one who is being admitted to a hospital and what the family should expect to know about the hospital and the physicians as well as how to be better prepared to deal with the consequences of having to experience a change in lifestyle because of a surgical procedure or the diagnosis of a disease that will forever change the dynamics of a family, such as the relationship between two spouses or with children. I am using my experiences in academic writing to be better equipped to handle the necessary research. Besides that specific goal, I would like to continue with writing academic essays because I feel as if I am contributing to someone's career as well as helping myself as I learn a great deal about a vast array of topics. Custom writing permits me to write almost every day and I do it on my own schedule, which may be a requisite of a serious academic writer.

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