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Graduate Courses And My Life

Generally, what experience do you have writing academic papers?

I have extensive experience writing in the areas of business, management and the law, which I acquired through graduate business management courses and law school. The papers I wrote in graduate business school predominantly consisted of HBS case study analysis or evaluations of companies, industries or markets. In law school the thrust of writing is focused on defensible arguments and supporting assertions through logic and evidence. Both experiences provided critical feedback from professors and peers, which allowed one to better understand how the writing is received. This naturally leads to greater focus on accurately communicating the important messages in the writing. In addition to writing essays in graduate school, I have written several essays in various undergraduate courses. Based upon a desire to gain a broad experience in college, I took courses from several departments. This provided the opportunity to write papers in many subjects, including archeology, sociology, psychology, philosophy, art history, and literature.

What experience do you have writing term papers where the student selects a specific topic from either a range of topics or from an academic field?

This type of essay writing is most consistent with upper level undergraduate courses and graduate school, and as such, I have experienced it frequently. The essays I have written in graduate school have generally been assigned with minimal requirements as to the content. Instead, the professor would typically provide general guidelines as to the type of conclusions the research should yield. This type essay might include the assignment to choose a company with annual revenues above X that has been in existence for more than X years. Then analyze the life stages of the companies different SBU's and thereafter make recommendations for extending or terminating SBU's or product lines. I find these types of essays much more enjoyable to write, as they allow the writer to research and report on a topic of greater personal interest.

Name three or four characteristics of a well written academic essay.

The fundamental characteristics of a quality academic essay include well-researched, well-organized, on point, and an original work free of plagiarism. Irrespective of what type of writing one is doing, writing should be an endeavor that is polite. The writer should not waste the reader's time, and as such, good writing is concise. Further, when writing academic papers or other reports, quality writing addresses the issue at hand. In the case of an academic essay this means understanding the question asked and ensuring that it is fully answered without excessive tangential or irrelevant information. This will come from the writer thinking through the issue and organizing it in a logical manner. A well organized essay is the result of both forethought as well as editing. Editing allows the writer to reduce any repetitive or unnecessary comments and ensure the paper flows in a way that allows the reader to enjoy the work. Finally, if the work is not original, it will not meet even the lowest standards of academic performance.

What is your position on plagiarism when writing generally as well as when writing for a custom essay service?

Customers of a custom essay service pay the company to provide a quality original model essay, and they should receive what they pay for. An essay that contains plagiarism is of little value to the customer, and it is certainly not worth the twenty dollars per page they are likely to have spent on it. Beyond failing to meet the customer's expectation for originality, the plagiarized essay is unlikely to fully address the unique requirements of upper level and graduate papers. Quality collegiate papers must fully address the issue as required by the professor and cookie-cutter and plagiarized papers would likely fall short. Moreover, delivering a plagiarized essay is not what the custom essay service pays its writers for. Poorly written or plagiarized essays will result in damage to service's reputation, and thus, a loss in repeat customers and referrals.

Thank you very much for your answers!

You are very welcome!

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