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Research Writer Interview With Martin

Artistic Talents and Dreams

If you had to create a personal statement which would give the reader immediate insight about who you are, what would it say?

My name is Martin. I was born under the sign of Leo and from my earliest recollections possessed a love of learning and a daily pursuit of happiness, electing to be hopelessly optimistic and a believer that all is as it should be.

While academia has always been my strength, my artistic talents and flair for the dramatic has allowed me to pursue learning in a very global and creative way, maximizing my success in achieving goals and completing tasks assigned me. This success subsequently has provided me with the ability to diagnose and generate prescriptive educational programs, strategies and behaviors to meet students at their entry points of learning, and align instruction to meet personal learning preferences and styles. These skills have allowed me to effect change within both educational and performance based settings.

I am hopelessly tenacious and, while it is often said your greatest strength is often your weakness, I have used this trait to set and accomplish goals far beyond my reach, explicitly visualizing and planning each step and identifying those key elements to support them.

The combination of all of these components have made me a successful, fulfilled and satisfied individual, capable of spreading positivity, self-confidence and efficacy to those around me as well as the individuals who I have been contracted to support.

What is your academic background and how has it supported your interests?

I am a product of twelve years of academic study in Catholic schools. My educational experiences were provided at the hands of various religious orders from the "old school" which meant that expectations for academic success and pristine behaviors were non-negotiable. All mandates which were affected by these imposing figures were executed with immediacy, the consequences of any deviance being met with equal punitive measures both at school, then at home. It was fortunate that the skills necessary for academic success came easy for me and I had the additional pressure of having a father who was a policeman to set and maintain those behaviors which resonate positively for teachers.

My subsequent studies as an undergraduate and graduate candidate were uneventful, except for the transition from the familiarity of a small educational setting to the overwhelming anonymity of a City University School.

The independence of higher education allowed me to pursue my artistic talents and dreams and create some distance between the bookish career-bound expectations that my parents had set. I reveled in the studio arts and the bohemian status that it provided me until that time when I was smacked with the realization that this course of study would not prepare me with a solid profession with which I could support myself. I immediately signed up for student teacher which, as it turned out, I had a natural talent for.

My interests in the "art" of teaching allowed me to be on a never ending quest to identify optimal instructional strategies with which I could reach those many failing students that I encountered yearly.

I explored and was trained in countless educational programs which I integrated into lab sites in various schools and used successful programs, replicating elements to grow success.

As it turns out, those high expectations and pressures experienced in those early years allowed me to tenaciously maintain those expectation for damaged and forgotten students throughout the system.

Why I am an Excellent Research Writer?

While it would seem that one of the byproducts of successfully completing an undergraduate, graduate or doctoral degree would be the ability to research and produce an excellent paper, as an adjunct professor and Educational Administrator it has been my experience that this is not an absolute. First hand observations of both in classroom practice and paper writing is reflective of an ever growing number of potential and existing professionals who have extremely limit command of the English language and research/organizational skills.

I can remember in my primary school day the joy and challenge of diagramming sentences, creating those little lines reflective of syntactic analysis and exploring sentences to locate those elements to complete them. This joy transferred into the actual writing process throughout my educational and administrative career and allowed me to create writing artifacts of varying lengths and complexity which were readily accessible to the targeted audience.

In addition to a passion for writing frameworks my love of the investigative reading practice has enabled me to be a successful research writer. The collection, organization and synthesis of pertinent artifacts in advancing a position or providing information is an achievement that has lifetime value for me.

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