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Research Writer Interview With Meli

A Charming Writer Born in America

Seeking freelance writing employment with a writing company can be a very intimidating task, as there are many expectations when considering an applicant to represent the business. This self interview is designed to give my potential employers insight into my skills, dedication, and my own expectations of perfection found in all of my work. It is my belief that through the answers to the questions below, the readers of this essay will be able to envisage how much I will positively contribute to the company as part of the writing team of professional essay contractors.

Hello Meli! Tell me a little about yourself. Are you American born?

Yes. I was born in Spotswood, New Jersey and grew up in an old farmhouse situated in the midst of peach orchards. It was a wonderful childhood, filled with happy memories of family and growing up in a natural, care free environment. I was married at twenty two and had two daughters. Both are grown with families of their own.

What is a memory that stands out from your childhood?

Well, to stay on the topic of writing, I would have to say it is a memory from my junior high school writing class. I had written a futuristic story about a society where new inventions were the norm. I had invented gliding cars and called them, “racs” which is cars spelled backwards. These racs could travel faster than the speed of sound, and people would just punch in a destination into a sort of typewriter, and they would arrive in as many seconds as there were miles. Well, my teacher corrected each and every usage of “rac” and gave me a failing grade for spelling errors. That was when I understood, for the first time, that poetic license was wasted on those who do not understand or appreciate imagination.

What is your educational background?

I finished high school and then went on to Charm School, of all things. Graduating from this type of institution taught me lessons that I have kept throughout my career and personal life. I have always used what I learned there not only in a spoken sense, but in my writing as well. After Charm School I became through an Associate’s Degree a paralegal, and a few years later I graduated with a Bachelor’s in Applied Science in Legal Studies. I now work for a law firm in Ft. Myers, Florida which specializes in medical liability, and I am the paralegal for three senior partners in the firm. Aside from my regular employment, I have always written stories, research, essays, even proposals in various fields, including medical, psychology, business, social work, and International Studies.

Aside from writing, what are your other interests?

I am a nature lover. I revel in the miracle of the Earth and the life found within it, especially marine life. When I see a body of water, I think of the plethora of gifts that can come from it; from food to medicinal foundations, to areas of study and learning and so on.

Why do you feel you are someone we would want to hire to write for us?

I do, in all honesty, believe I would be an excellent addition to your freelance writing staff, and here are the reasons why. A love of writing is not enough where ghostwriting is concerned. One needs to be able to separate personal feelings from what is needed to be done for the successful completion of a work. We may not particularly agree with a certain topic, but we need to overcome that type of conflict for the best interests of the client. I am well practiced in this. Deadlines are also something of importance to me. I have never missed a deadline, and do not plan on missing one, ever. I enjoy the research as much as the writing and I take pride in being efficient at finding hard to get, accurate information organized properly. Plagiarism is another “pet peeve” of mine. Pride and personal ethics should prevent any true writer from plagiarism. I have never plagiarized and never will. There is too much to lose on all sides for such a thing to be tolerated. I am thorough, dedicated to the completion of every work I commit to, and knowledgeable in many areas of study. Finally, I think it would be nice to work with other independent freelance writers and for a company who are of the same mind.

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