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Research Writer Interview With Melissa

Art History, Theater, And Information

Hi, Melissa. Thanks for taking the time to talk with us.

My pleasure.

Tell us about your professional and academic background.

I have a BA in Art History and Musical Theater, and a Master of Information and Library Science. I am a librarian by trade, and have been working in public and academic libraries for 12 years now.

How do you tie that in to writing for

I love research! I have eclectic interests, thanks to my arts background, and can confidently write on a variety of topics. Believe it or not, I was attracted to because I missed the writing assignments I had in school. I am always busy at work, and I really enjoy assisting library patrons with their projects-I always learn from those interactions. And since my library experience has taught me countless research tips, writing model papers seemed like an obvious second job.

How would you describe your writing style?

Clear and concise. Professors and employers don't want to muddle through pages and pages of hard-to-understand text. My papers get to the point and are easy to read. I revise and revise until I am satisfied with the results. I am a skilled writer and editor, and I often edit documents for my coworkers and administrators. So many people are unsure of correct punctuation and grammar when writing, and who can blame them? When I was in school, many of my fellow students came to me for grammar advice, and now my coworkers do the same!

Do you have any personal writing preferences?

I love writing poetry, when I have the time. I really like persuasive essay writing; that's exciting for me. I am also a big fan of the creative nonfiction genre - I like to write it and read it. Part of my job duties as a librarian include writing themed bibliographies for schools and book reviews for local newspapers; that's always fun.

What makes writing a paper easier for you?

When a student asks for a model paper, I like to have as many details as possible. It's helpful to know if they're looking for a certain focus to the paper. I would hate to write something even a little off-target. So the more direction, the better!

Are there any topics you don't like to write about?

Not really. As long as I have the resources I need, whether print or database, I feel pretty confident about most topics.

How do you respond when people ask if it's unethical to write model papers for students?

I ask them if they do their own accounting! (laughs) Seriously, I think we all have our strengths and weaknesses. There's nothing wrong with getting a bit of help when you need it. If I can help someone get through a tough assignment, that's rewarding to me.

Any advice for those who wish to improve their writing skills?

I always learn by example. So get good examples to work from. Whether it's creative writing or term papers, find writers whose work you admire, and read everything they've written. And just like with everything else, practice makes perfect! The more you read and write, the more skilled you become. Write, and write anything! Have others read and help you revise your work, and you're on your way to excellence.

Any last thoughts for us?

Well, just a little more advice, I guess... Whether in school or your personal life, avoid procrastination. I know it's hard to do, but getting things done on time really improves your outlook. There's nothing worse than missing a deadline and knowing something is hanging over you. And getting assignments in early will always impress your clients who may choose to work with you on long-term basis.

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